This was another great photo trip, and great photo ops, with Jim Cline Photo Tours. I especially enjoyed having some free time to relax at the seaside resort in Tulum. Both Chichen Itza an Uxmal were highlights. And it was interesting to see the comparisons between them. The folklore dancing performances in Merida were great, even though they were challenging to photograph. I always enjoy traveling and shooting with Jim.
Robert D.
We had some excellent photo opportunities that seem well chosen for the most part and did not concentrate on any one area, thus, lots for everyone. I liked the sharing of images and found it interesting to see what others see. Jim is a great leader and makes everyone feel comfortable and is very fair. I also noticed his generosity. The local guides on hand were very pleasant and helpful as well.
Susan C.
I would rate this trip a 10 of 10, with Jim’s personality and inter-personal skills enhancing the enjoyment of the trip. He is attentive to all the participants needs, and his advise has helped me improve my photography. Jim always had us ready and prepared to be in the right place at the right time relative to the lighting. His advise regarding exposure compensation relative to the iso and aperture settings helped me improve. I thought that Jim’s lectures and discussions were definitely useful, and his advice adds extra value to tour because it aids one’s development.

This trip’s itinerary exceed my expectations; every destination appealed to me. The Uxmal and Kabah sites, the photo ops with locals in small towns and the sisel haciendas were all exceptional. Our local guide was very accommodating and possessed good communication skills. I think the group enjoyed and felt comfortable with him. Each hotel where our group stayed was clean, comfortable and centrally located. It obvious that a lot thought was placed with determining each property. Well done as usual…Jim is very good with his selection process and also has a knack for identifying quality restaurants. Most of the participants in our group had travelled with Jim Cline Photo Tours and this was my third tour with Jim. Please keep offering new photo tours.

Chap S.
The trip was well organized, well-paced, and flexible – with a great variety of sites (we saw all the “must-see” places but so much more). I really enjoyed the people of the Yucatan – I knew that I would enjoy the ruins – but the kindness of the people surprised me. I really liked that you stopped the van and arranged for us to take pictures of the villages. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!
Wille O.
I enjoyed my first visit to Mexico very much and it was made even more pleasurable through your well-planned and executed tour. The accommodations and meals complemented the numerous photo ops. Congratulations!!
Ralph B.