We are very proud of the testimonials we’ve received. We hope you’ll take a look at what some of our participants have had to say about our tours.

France: Saintes-Marie Gypsy Pilgrimage and Cowboys of Camargue was the second Jim Cline PT I’ve attended. On the first trip I took, Patrick was along as an assistant to Karl Grobl. For this France trip, Patrick was the main man and person who put this first France trip together for JCPT. He did an outstanding job–from the activities we participated in, the photography, the food and restaurants he chose, the accommodations, the recruitment of Cecile Domens to assist with the horses and photography, and the social activities with the locals–he planned and executed it all. Patrick was just fabulous. He deserves 5 stars alone. The ten people on our trip were very compatible with a common interest in photography ( with some birders in the group) and who were more than interested in helping each other when the walking conditions called for an extra arm or hand. We all had a wonderful time. I would consider doing this trip again, however, the one drawback– is the mosquitoes in this region can eat you alive. Don’t let that stop you from having a fabulous time and obtaining great images. ~ Bonnie F., France Camargue trip participant

Haven’t left the hotel yet! I am spending the time organising my photos and resting up . I have a head full of Peru,Incas great Americans and the Pisco Sours. Without exception this is the best photo trip I have taken. Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome and supported. A special thanks to Jim for his insights into Peruvian life. His retinue of colourful ladies was amazing! ~Pauline E., Peru trip participant

This was my favorite trip yet! I hope more to come! Thanks 🙏 so much for all you’ve shared and done for us🚎🚎🤩 ~Lidia P., Peru trip participant

The trip was structured to visit and photograph the two main attractions of the area, the pilgrimage to the church of Saintes Maries de la Mer and the horses of the Camargue. On the two pilgrimage days, we were able to attend the church service and photograph it (and the fervent churchgoers who filled the church) from a vantage point right behind the altar. After the service, the horsemen escorted the statues to the sea, followed by a parade of believers. We were easily able to join the followers and photograph. The rest of the days were spent photographing of the Camargue horses, bulls and gardiens. [Local photography guide] Cecile Domens found excellent vantage points for our photography. Sometimes we slogged through uneven underwater terrain, but Cecile and Patrick helped us navigate on foot. The mosquitos were daunting, but Patrick [trip leader]equipped us with hats/nets and bug repellent was available. One morning was spent with a group of local people who work to keep local folklore/clothing/traditional food alive. They spent several hours with us and were very patient with our photography efforts. A simple but delicious lunch was served. One afternoon we went to a local town with a bull ring in which young men practice a version of bull ‘fighting’ which doesn’t involve killing the young bulls. All of us commented that it was great that we were able to do this. Patrick is very knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with. Thanks for a great trip! ~ Rosemary C, France Camargue trip participant

Haven’t left the hotel yet! I am spending the time organising my photos and resting up . I have a head full of Peru,Incas great Americans and the Pisco Sours. Without exception this is the best photo trip I have taken. Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome and supported. A special thanks to Jim for his insights into Peruvian life. His retinue of colourful ladies was amazing! ~Pauline E., Peru trip participant

This was my favorite trip yet! I hope more to come! Thanks 🙏 so much for all you’ve shared and done for us🚎🚎🤩 ~Lidia P., Peru trip participant

The tour, itinerary and especially the staff were outstanding in every way. Joel, Alex the Santiago guide, Alexis the driver, great job. Each contributed greatly in their own way to a very rewarding experience. Chris Baker. Excellent excellent management skills. His antenna was always alert and responsive to everyone. Multi-tasking successfully, he planned a robust experience. I appreciated his skills as did, I believe, the whole group. The time we had on the island in Cayo Granma was the highlight for me. The models Chris found all worked out in the end. I thought the quinceañera girls were a quite brilliant stroke. ~Paulette H., Eastern Cuba trip participant

A great experience with a super leader. Top 10, 5 stars. I recommend it! ~John K., Eastern Cuba trip participant

I really enjoyed your excellent leadership and deep knowledge of Cuba! ~David P., Eastern Cuba trip participant

Jim, I wanted you to know that the trip was so delightful! I very much appreciate the care you took in choosing places for the photographers to take pictures. I admire how you’ve established relationships with folks, especially in Viñales. It made the trip so much more personal. I am still on a high from the trip. It was one of the most delightful I’ve ever had. Thank you for the time and effort you put into creating an experience we would enjoy. I got so many marvelous photos and my friends all want to see the pictures and hear how I felt about Cuba. Some even want to go to Cuba. I’ll be sure and give them your contact information. ~Pamela B., Cuba trip participant

The group was very compatible. Our local guide, Daniel Rosca, was well organized, had hired a fantastic driver, and did a great job of arranging activities that were interesting and provided good photography opportunities. We spent a lot our time with spontaneous stops to check out rural villages, farmers, shepherds, all of whom were willing to put up with posing for us. One especially interesting stop was at a gypsy household with extended family. They were delighted to pose for us and we had a great morning with them. Our hotels were very comfortable. The only disappointment was that foliage was not yet at its peak, obviously not
Daniel’s fault.
~Rosemary C. Romania trip participant

“The Romanian tour guide was excellent, his ability to alter the trip depending on circumstances was fantastic, the flexibility and the variety of photo opportunities made this an exceptional trip. The food was great, and the accommodation were much better than expected.” ~ Gerard H., Romania Trip participant

“This was a fabulous trip. Patrick was a great trip leader, both as photography expert as well as general oversight. Sandy and all the local crew were the BEST—very helpful with photos and set up of all the portrait work. Hotels were very nice. Van was comfortable. I think I got more “keeper” images from this trip than from any of the trips I have been on (30+ trips!). All the other attendees were very friendly, and we all got along very well. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip!!!”  ~ Jeanne S., Indonesia trip participant

“What an absolutely fantastic trip to Colombia with Christopher….loved it! It was one of those trips where all I could do was smile at all the wonderful things we saw and did!”  ~ Ann T., Colombia trip participant

“[Trip leader] Chris is delightful! He is extremely knowledgeable (of both photography and Colombian cultures), sensitive to the needs of the tour participants, and great fun to travel with. He quickly determined the photographic abilities and needs of everybody and offered valuable help and support to those who desired it.” ~ Colombia trip participant

“Chris and country guide Alex provided a smooth, varied, and well-organized trip, in spite of the fact that this was a maiden voyage. The deep knowledge of the indigenous communities we visited provided by Chris, Alex, and the local indigenous guides offered an exceptional experience that, I believe, was unique to this trip. In sum, the trip was fantastic.”  ~ Nancy A., Colombia trip participant

“Taken as a whole, a wonderful experience. The leader, Chris Baker, was outstanding. He enthusiastically assisted the trip members with all their photography questions and camera issues. His suggestions for the best shooting conditions, position, and set up were greatly appreciated. The food/dining opportunities were exceptional. Transport in an oversized bus (for our group size) was comfortable, cool and on time. Our local guide, Alex, added his country/local knowledge and advice with good humor throughout the trip. Five stars. Highly recommended.” ~ John K., Colombia trip participant

“This was my first time on a Jim Cline trip and the first time on a photography trip that would have a significant component focused on people photography. The trip did not disappoint. Jim did a more than excellent job setting up our itinerary! We were able to visit key sites on the way to Machu Picchu and take photographs of the local people everywhere. We were even able to get fantastic photos of potato farmers on the side of the road as well as a shepherd that Jim has known for years. The school we visited was a highlight and something I did not expect. I was delighted. Did I mention climbing the steps three times for the best possible Machu Picchu photos? First, we went on a tour to see and learn as much as we could about the site. Then we came back in for some sunset shots. Of course, Jim knew just where to take us for the right angle at the right time. The next morning, we were up early enough to make the trek one more time for some early morning light photography. Again, Jim knew right where to go and when to be there, so I got some excellent shots. Not only were my photographs fantastic, but they were exceeded by my memories! I can’t wait to go on another Jim Cline photo tour! ”  ~ Gerald H., Peru trip participant

“This was a five-star trip for photographers and those interested in the Peruvian culture. We had lots of opportunities to photograph local people and lots of variety. The accommodations were first class, and although it was a group trip it didn’t feel restrictive. I have gone on several Jim Cline photo tours and probably will do more.”  ~ Mike H., Peru trip participant

“Great trip! Good Photography, good food, and good company! I recommend Jim Cline Photo Tours.” ~ Steve W., Peru trip participant

“By far the best photography tour I have ever been on. Loved every minute of it. Jim did an awesome job!!! Especially loved the Huayna Picchu hike. “ ~ Ben H., Peru trip participant

“Kudos to Karl and Patrick for a great experience in Vietnam! A super itinerary filled with interesting photo ops plus lots of unique cultural experiences. The Hmong markets in the far north were a real highlight.” ~ Warren S., Vietnam trip participant

“The Vietnam trip with Karl Grobl was fantastic! Karl was a fabulous photo leader, giving lots of great photo instruction, very pleasant, and very efficient. The hotels were great, food was excellent and wonderful local guide. Plus, the others in the group were very welcoming and everyone was respectful of the schedule timing. It had the perfect mix of history/cultural points and photo opportunities. 5 Stars all around, it was a superb experience. I hope to travel with Karl again someday.” ~ Jeanne S., Vietnam trip participant

“Our leader, Chris Baker, was just amazing. His depth of knowledge, wonderful stories, creative photo ideas, and great leadership skills, and attention to the needs of the participants are unmatched. The trip itself was everything I hoped for. Chris was in his element – approaching people on the streets and recruiting them to add key “personal touches” to our photos. Jim Cline Tours was exceptional helping us prepare for the trip, with great customer service throughout. Highly recommend this company!” ~ Gerry B., Cuba trip trip participant

“Fantastic trip! Saw so much, photographed so much. Met wonderful people, have many memories. Jeremy Woodhouse, our photography leader, with Jim Cline tours was great. Worked one afternoon, during downtime, with everyone that wanted to, on learning how to do portraits, and practiced on some participants and some staff at the lodge. He had Q and A for anyone that wanted time with him, while we were traveling in the bus in the back row of seats (his office). Highly recommend this trip and Jim Cline photo tours. Would do it all over again in a second.” ~ Kathy D., Morocco trip participant

“What a wonderful trip! Jeremy was fantastic in leading our group of 8 with Omar as a fabulous guide. Our driver Drees (sp?) was careful and kept the vehicle spic and span clean every day. The pace was rather fast but perfect. The group was cohesive and lots of fun. Jeremy was flexible when we needed to modify plans. He also gave a portrait tutorial and then worked with us to continually improve our skills. Thanks for a great experience. And, I am delighted to have made some new friends. “ ~ Shelly R., Morocco & Mulit-trip participant

“What a wonderful trip and first time to Cuba with Jim Cline and local guides Claudia and Guillermo. I fell in love with Cuba – the food, the people, the cars, and all of the activities on this Havana and Vinales tour. I had such a great time with everyone in my group. Everything was organized well. I especially loved all the dancing we saw, the private performances by the Afro-Cuban and contemporary dance companies, as well as some by the ballerinas. Vinales and La Palma were relaxing and beautiful. I loved that the Cubans allowed us to visit their homes and take a peek, and photograph their lives. Thank you, Jim and company for allowing me to take some of my favorite photos of all time. What great memories!” ~ Lausanne O., Cuba trip participant

“The trip to Oaxaca with Jim Cline Photo Tours went way beyond my expectations. My registration with Cat was so easy. She couldn’t have been more helpful and patient with all my questions. The trip is well organized and the hotel and staff are warm and accommodating. Jim is very knowledgeable of the local area and of photography of course. He really went above and beyond to make sure we all had a great photo experience – and that we all had fun! One really wonderful part of the trip was Jim’s ability to be spontaneous and change plans if there was a special event or side trip that was a great photo op. Everyone on the trip had been on many photo trips with Jim’s company. I was the rare exception, it being my first trip with him. It definitely won’t be my last. Thanks to a great team!” ~ Linda R., Oaxaca trip participant

“Amazing!! I don’t think it could have been planned or executed better. Every day was well planned, perfectly laid out, and better than the previous one. It also makes a big difference to have an experienced travel leader such as Jim running the show. Would you like to see some of the 6,000 images I made on this fabulous trip!!!!” ~ Len O., Cuba Tobacco Country trip participant

“I just wanted to tell you again what a WONDERFUL time I had in Mexico! I LOVED THIS TRIP! So many INCREDIBLE memories. The sights were amazing and I learned so much. Jim – you got us to beautiful places! Thanks again for a GREAT trip!” ~ Beth R., Oaxaca trip participant

“I recently returned from Cambodia on the most fabulous photography trip. We experienced parts of Cambodia that I would not have discovered on my own as a tourist and that gave us a much broader understanding of the country. The experiences took as through much history, beautiful landscape and above all the experience of meeting and interacting with the absolutely wonderful people of Cambodia. Our two weeks were filled with the most amazing opportunities to capture this beautiful country and its people in our images. The planned itinerary alone would have done that but Karl also never misses a chance to stop the bus and change the plan if new opportunities present themselves. We road on the bamboo train, heard first-hand about some of Cambodia’s dark days, experienced markets and temples galore. As well we found ourselves in the middle of a festival one day and wandered through the most incredible little village another. We stopped to see duck farming, lotus harvesting and water buffalo. Not a day went past without incredible memories being created. Karl creates an environment that allows each individual to experience the trip in the way they feel most comfortable. He is always willing to share his wealth of knowledge but also allows you the freedom to “do your own thing”. There were many people involved in making this trip a success – from the tuk-tuk drivers to our incredible local guide and of course our main driver. Every one of them contributed to the terrific organization and the warm atmosphere of this trip. I have arrived home from this trip with amazing memories, a wealth of gorgeous images and the desire to return and further explore beautiful Cambodia.” ~Catherine P. Cambodia trip participant

“Fantastic tour! Well-organized agenda and logistics. The casa particulares in Havana, Vinales, and Trinidad were all clean and comfortable, our hosts were gracious, and the places we dined were very good. Chris Baker, Sandor, our drivers, and other local guides all did a terrific job and took good care of us. Last but not least the Cuban people were wonderful. I have done a lot of photo tours and workshops, and I would rank this in the top category of my experiences.” ~William W., Cuba tour participant

“The experience was wonderful and Jim was relentless in ensuring that we experienced Peruvian culture. From our pre-trip tour of Lima to our exploration of Inca ruins, a local guide/expert was leading our group. Besides visiting the iconic Machu Picchu, abet our time was limited mainly due to weather, many sites of Inca ruins are visited. The trip was well organized and Peruvian indigenous locals are available as models. A visit to a high Andes school was one of the high points of the trip. The young children were engaging and tugged on your heartstrings.   Jim does a good job coordinating travel which includes plane, train, bus, and “tuk-tuk” transportation. Hotels were nice and up to western standards with WiFi available at all locations. Food was unexpectedly very good with a variety of dishes. Yes, you get to sample the local delicacy, guinea pig. This was a wonderful experience and Jim is a genuinely nice person who is continually available to ensure you have a good experience. I highly recommend Jim Cline Photo Tours.” ~John V., Peru tour participant

“This was an exceptional experience that was designed to offer something for everyone in the group. It included some wonderful experiences with local Romanian craftspeople and local farmers, often planned but also arranged on the spot by our excellent local guide. These were good engaged experiences that weren’t at all rushed and gave all the attendees more than enough time to photograph the craftspeople and, often, their families. A key highlight was the ability to participate in three very different Romanian weddings, also arranged by our local guide. Each in a different region and with a different regional look. It also allowed for visits to many historic sites and scenic landscapes in northern Romania. Our photographic guide offered considerable guidance that also allowed/encouraged people to stretch how they used their cameras in different scenarios. I would definitely recommend this trip.” ~Mark T., Romania tour participant

“I am so glad that I joined the Colombia 2022 photo tour led by Chris Baker. It was a great chance to see the colorful colonial architecture,, experience the friendly local people and their culture, enjoy the delicious food, observe the awesome flower festival with a lot of photography opportunities. It is also a great chance to learn from the other photographers. Thank you!!” 
~Rosalie W.,  Colombia tour participant

“This was a fabulous photography tour. Jim Cline is an excellent guide and photographer. My photography improved thanks to his tips and suggestions. The tour was well organized and Jim has a good sense of how many activities to include in a day. Our hotels were comfortable. I particularly enjoyed his mix of photography, culture, and food. The opportunity to photograph portraits and environmental shots was exceptional. The other group members were great to travel with. When we had some travel changes due to canceled trains and flights, Jim handled the situation very well. He was decisive and quickly found alternatives that worked for everyone. I will definitely go on more of Jim Cline’s photography tours.” 
~Beth P., Peru tour participant

“As always, it’s been a great trip. I would like to thank the Jim Cline support group for staying on top of our journey and making changes as needed. (Pending rail strike had us get off Machu Picchu a day early or it would have been at least an additional 2-day stay or a four-hour walk to get transport) But it was a seamless change and we still had a great time. Thank you, Jim, it’s always it’s an adventure.”
~Nelda C., Peru tour participant

“This was a true ‘Full Circle’ trip in that we saw almost every section of Namibia. What a fabulous country. We were a small group so we could move around easily and see the diversity and beauty of the country and people. Our local guide Orlando, is the best guide you could imagine – in every way. Jeremy made sure we were up early, got to all the great photo ops, saw all the sights, and helped in so many ways. I loved Namibia and this trip.”
~Shelly R., Namibia tour participant

“A well-resourced Jim Cline tour as usual. Chris Baker (tour leader), Alex (country leader), and all the individual city leaders and drivers did a great job and took good care of our group. All four lodgings were very nice, and the itinerary was very diverse and interesting. A great trip with a great group of fellow travelers!” 
~William W.,  Colombia tour participant

“This was a fabulous experience, certainly the best trip we have taken in a long, long time. The sites, hotels, restaurants, local guides were all superb. I really liked the personal touches Jim arranged for us to photograph locals he knew from prior trips. Jim was attentive to a real variety of personalities and very gracious. Thanks so much, I can’t recommend your trips enough!” 
~Brent & Kathryn S.,  Peru tour participants

“Jim, thank you for a spectacular trip. You are masterful at providing us with wonderful photo opportunities.”
-David A., multiple-tour participant

“Inspiration does not come easy in our 21st-century world, but traveling with Karl has given me that peek of inspiration. Raising the idea within me of the possibilities that photography provides. Karl is an excellent teacher and inspiration.” -Joe M., multiple-tour participant

“This was our third time traveling with Jim Cline’s tours. We have been consistently impressed with the organization. When you are traveling with a group in foreign countries, there are many opportunities for error. Everything has been very well organized. We appreciate all of the efforts that are made to form relationships with the people who are our photography subjects. We appreciate all of the homework that goes into planning these awesome trips! Thank you, Jim and Karl, for three wonderful trips!!” -Kim & Tim R., Ensenada tour participants

“It was fascinating traveling through a country slowly moving past the 1950s with a guide as knowledgeable and helpful as Jeremy. He showed us many excellent photo ops (he knew the cities like the back of his hand), good critique of my pictures, knowledgeable help on technical questions. I think the images I got were very good. Jeremy was awesome and I’d certainly go with him again. I also would absolutely recommend this trip because the Cubanos were great, the scenery unique, and Jeremy is off-the-scale good.”  ~Jim P.,  Cuba tour participant

“I enjoy traveling with Jim because of the strong relationships that he has developed with people over the years. This provides unique opportunities to photograph people and places that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to. I travel with Jim because I know that I will experience cultures in a way that I would never be able to on my own.” ~Mindy S., Guatemala tour participant

“I have been on multiple photographic tours with Jim Cline Tours. The most recent Cuban experience was an excellent example of why I return time and again. In Cuba, Jim Cline arranged access to many opportunities for photography that I have found to be unique. These included the opportunity for a morning of instruction from a prominent Cuban photographer. This included being able to photograph two members of the Cuban National Ballet Company in a personally owned mansion dating to the 1930s or 1940s. Other opportunities included access to a professional boxing gym and meeting the participants; photographing an African-Cuban dance performance – specifically arranged for the group; a photographic opportunity and dinner at a tobacco farmer’s home and too many more to mention.”

“The planning Jim Cline Tours puts into a ten-day photographic opportunity is excellent. The knowledge gained is incremental depending on your level of photography. Jim seems particularly interested in your own experimentation and questions the photographic has related his/her results. There are few critiques but the ones that take place generally involve other professional photographers and are exceptionally enlightening.” ~Phil P., Cuba tour participant

“I had great anticipation for this Jim Cline photo trip and was not disappointed. I will continue to recommend these photo tours as a way to learn and enjoy new places.” ~Dennis C., Day of the Dead tour participant

“This was my first trip with Jim Cline Photo tour. First of all “Amazing Myanmar” is truly amazing. My wife and I have traveled to almost all Asian countries. This is the first time my pre-trip trepidations were totally shattered. What a lovely country and what fantastic people!! It was an amazing experience. From the moment I landed at Yangon to my departure, it was a fantastic experience. Our guide was exceptionally knowledgeable and caring. All photo shoots were very well planned and executed.”

“Our group being small gave us an opportunity to advance our knowledge on one on one basis. Karl is not only an exceptional photographer but a great friend and a great human being. It was my privilege to know him and call him my friend and teacher. We really had a memorable time in Myanmar thanks entirely to Karl and the two local guides.  I am definitely planning to participate in other JCPT in future and would whole-heartedly recommend it to any serious photography enthusiast. Please accept my many thanks for managing such wonderful photo expeditions.” – Kirit C., Myanmar tour participant

“My favorite part of this trip was Chris’ input, be it in the realm of photography or in his vast knowledge of Cuba. Chris was great; he took me from non-photographer status, i.e. point and shoot only…to fanatical photographic virtuoso. That was a surprise bonus since I was just going along for the ride…not for the photography! Chris made photography, history and current events fascinating. Plus, he truly had a love for the locals and treated them with compassion and respect. The local guides were also fabulous and attentive… Being introduced to Cuba through the eyes and camera of Christopher was inspirational.”  ~Paula Z., Cuba tour participant

“Thank you for a wonderful trip that exceeded my expectations. Every event we attended was photographically superb. This is the only trip I have taken that I would consider doing again. You can be sure I’ll sing praises of this tour to all my photographer friends.” –David and Koon G., Day of the Dead tour participants

“I have recently returned from the “India Gujarat and the Malabar Coast” photo tour. In every way, this trip exceeded my expectations. I was introduced to India and its wonderful people in the most exciting and unique way. The places we visited were varied and interesting and offered incredible photographic opportunities. Beyond the photo component, this trip was a wealth of experiences that I will never forget. In the time we were in India I danced with gypsies, visited a slum, found myself in the middle of tribal celebrations, drifted through the backwaters in a houseboat, bounced across the desert in an open-air jeep, slept in palaces, slept in a hut (complete with mongoose skittering over the roof all night long)… amongst many other things!”

“Through all of this I was completely taken with the beauty and warmth of the Indian people. I have returned from this trip with fabulous images and even better memories. Karl and local guide DV were the most amazing guides for us. Helpful, kind and patient, they met our personal and photography needs in every way. My photographic skill set has expanded through the expertise and experiences I was offered on this trip. An absolutely fantastic tour in every way!”  –Catherine P., India (Gujarat) tour participant

“When I think about the time we spent in Romania, I envision traveling back in time 75 to 100 years. The experiences you arranged for us enabled us to see the unique ways people lived a century ago; I mean, barrel-makers, woodcarvers, sheepherders, mushroom and potato pickers (BTW, I still taste the porcini mushrooms…mmmmm, they were delicious). Thank you … I think you planned an incredible and most enjoyable trip.”  –Marilyn C., Romania tour participant

“Karl is a fantastic and great guy whom I respect, with a refreshing approach to travel photography. I have been on at least ten photo tours now and, opposite of some other tour companies and guides, Karl is totally focused on we participants. Karl is always there (at shooting locations) for us, not his own shots. Karl gives his time and is one of the best leaders in the business.”

“The other thing that is so good with Karl is his tour group communication is simply “Excellent” plus he makes everything a joy. Before a location, he briefs the group on what to expect provides tips and pointers on the location, light and camera settings, answers questions, etc. By the time the bus stops everybody is up and running then he guides those who want and seek his input. I would love to do at least two more JCPT.”  ~Peter I., Vietnam & Angkor Wat tour participant.

“These are the best photo workshops that I have taken! Jim knows how to pace a trip, has great local contacts and takes you to the top spots.”  –Len O., Day of the Dead tour participant

“If someone wants a vital experience with another culture; solid instruction photographing people and places in that milieu; and a out-and-out good time, this is the trip to take…I thought this trip was fantastic! Jim did an incredible job of managing the trip. Shepherding 10 strangers in a strange land takes a great deal of tact, firmness, and diplomacy and Jim handled every situation with aplomb. Jim did a great job of attending to people’s needs both photographic and logistic. The restaurants and food were excellent.

The photo opportunities here were excellent and varied and I was able to photograph subjects to which I’m usually drawn but I also had the chance and challenge of photographing subjects, especially people, that I normally don’t seek out. It is the vitality and the openness of the people that has stayed with me. Thanks for a great trip!”  ~Louis S., Peru tour participant