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“Kudos to you, Karl (Asia trips tour leader) for taking us to so many special places and introducing us to so many nice people. You’re a wonderful tour leader, experienced and attentive, a great ‘people person’ and conversationalist. Your energy and zest for travel and photography is infectious, and I hope to travel together again. ” ~Lisa M., Thailand, Laos, Cambodia trip participant.


“Karl [tour leader] was a great leader, from a photography and tour point of view, [offering] just enough encouragement without any pressure. ‘People photography’ was my goal but I find it intimidating – Karl’s encouragement helped with that a lot.” ~ Robert D.

“Karl made the trip very successful and I appreciate all his attention and energy to make it happen. He is energetic, supportive, resourceful and extremely helpful. He instills a way to see things in a different light…a different perspective on the places we visited, which made the trip for me. I saw the places we visited in a different way, and I feel this provided me with a greater opportunity to capture unique images.” ~George P.