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Cuba Photo Tours

At Jim Cline Photo Tours, our Cuba Photo Tours emphasis (indeed all of our tours) is on small, group tours – usually 10 participants or less. And, wherever we travel, we focus on the best available – with local flavor of course – accommodations. Our tours are conducted with the flexibility to “stop along the road,” either for a special photo or simply to enjoy a view or activity. We also like to build in diverse cultural experiences, achieved by working closely with local guides – guides we know and trust. At Jim Cline Photo Tours, we seek to strike a great balance in our tours, so you get the most out of the trip from a photography standpoint, and simply as a great tour – all led by passionate teachers of the art of photography!


I have been on multiple photographic tours with Jim Cline Tours. The most recent Cuban experience was an excellent example of why I return time and again. In Cuba, Jim Cline arranged access to many opportunities for photography that I have found to be unique. These included the opportunity for a morning of instruction from a prominent Cuban photographer. This included being able to photograph two members of the Cuban National Ballet Company in a personally owned mansion dating to the 1930s or 1940s. Other opportunities included access to a professional boxing gym and meeting the participants; photographing an African-Cuban dance performance – specifically arranged for the group; a photographic opportunity and dinner at a tobacco farmer’s home and too many more to mention.
~Phil P.