Testimonials Vietnam

“What a fantastic trip; I couldn’t have asked for more either personally, photographically, culturally or otherwise. What a stellar group – everyone [on our tour] was cheerful, punctual, fun and not a whine was heard. Major kudos to both Karl and Dat [co-leader] for making the trip so special.” 
~Katy B.


“The tour leader Karl is a fantastic and great guy whom I respect, with a refreshing approach to travel photography. He is one of the best in the business. He totally focuses on his tour clients so that when we get to locations, Karl is there for us.  I like to learn the perspective of the experienced photographers and Karl gives his time. The other thing that is so good with Karl is his tour group communication is simply “Excellent”. Plus, he makes everything a joy. Before we get to a location, he briefs the group on what to expect provides tips and pointers on the location, light and camera settings, answers questions etc. By the time the bus stops everybody is up and running, he guides those who seek additional input. I would love to do southern India with Karl at some future date, plus the Baja Grey whales tour is on my future bucket list with JC photo-tours.”
~Peter I.


“I have no reservations giving this trip a huge thumbs-up, and on a scale of 1-10, I rate this trip as 9.9. Thus, I’d suggest this trip to anyone interested in photography, with the caveat that some experience beforehand will make it a more valuable trip in the long run. The variety of photo opportunities and the instruction are superior.

I loved all locations we visited on this rigorous trip. The local guide was a gem, he was a true hero on the train trip! In Cambodia, our tuk-tuk drivers were great and I loved the trip to the local bar with the fantastic Cambodian music.  During the trip, I learned a lot from Karl about equipment limitations, and processing afterward. Karl wisely used the bus rides, etc. to remind us about camera settings, the conditions of the pending location, and so on. That was excellent. Thanks to Karl for a great trip.”
~Nancy B.


“I enjoyed Vietnam’s countryside and rice fields and kind village people; the markets and flower ladies were phenomenal to photograph. Karl was awesome and was great with all levels of photographers and was endlessly patient and accommodating. The local guide was great and super knowledgeable and I appreciated all the info he provided about Vietnam. I would certainly recommend this trip.”
~Lisa B.


“A big thanks to Jim and Karl for putting together such phenomenal trip to Vietnam. They put so much work into the arrangements. I am so excited about my pictures and I have been able to produce shots I never imagined I could. Karl was so on-target with teaching all of us new ways to use the camera and it made the experience so enjoyable. I cannot say enough about what Jim and Karl have put together. I am looking forward to looking into some of your other trips as well. Thanks again-it was a very special trip to share with my mom. We loved it!”
~Anietra H.


“Thank you for offering the Vietnam/Cambodia trip. Karl was great, and I had a wonderful time. I definitely will be taking more trips from you in the future. Thanks for running such great photo trips!”
~Steve C.


I am in the Karl Grobl fan club as you will note from my previous feedback forms. I am interested in Photography, I go on these tours to push myself and get a crash course in getting images that I can be proud of. Karl is the ideal leader as his approach is most sincere and more as a friend than a leader and always has an open ear to your needs and how to help when you are frustrated, and not able to see the shots. If you are prepared to interact with him then you will be rewarded handsomely.

I think based upon my comments above that you can see that I think you offer exceptional value and that your rates are too low, this in my opinion is also justified by the level of wait listings you have for your trips.”
~Andrew E.


“I feel the need to reiterate my respect for Karl and the excellent work he is doing, as well as his exemplary tour leadership in sometimes trying times.”
~John B.