Testimonials – Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

“The photo opps on this tour were terrific. I really enjoyed the rice fields, salt flats, waterfall, of course, Angkor and monks everywhere. I am still weeding through more that 5,000 shots and am very happy with some of these. Karl’s discussions and lectures absolutely helped improve my photography. The information he shared was very clear and immediately useful. It was also very beneficial to see and discuss other participant’s work, as well as Karl’s. I found him to be a most generous and intuitive individual. He led us day and night with enthusiasm and expertise. He shared his photography experience in a way that we could all could benefit from, no question was too trivial, he recognized individual needs and worked to satisfy those as well.

I think all of the hotels were perfectly satisfactory and the variety of restaurants made for a great combination of experiences. For example, lunch on the river in someone’s home was wonderful. Each meal was more of an opportunity to experience the culture, as well as an opportunity for each of us to get to know one another a little better, learn about photography and just enjoy the wonders of being together in Asia. Without question, I would rate this trip the best possible (10). The trip was exactly what I had hoped for and I look forward to taking anther one day.”
~Judi G.


“The trip was very interesting, largely because of Karl knowledge of the places and his incredible talent to explain photo issues and challenges. He selected the places to photograph and relentlessly explained to us how to set the camera and other valuable technical insights. Karl gave our group the right tips on when and where to be for optimal photographing, as well as the monks itinerary so that we had a second chance to get the right shots.

The visit to the long neck village, Luang Prabang, and the morning ritual of the alms morning collection were enjoyable, as was the Mekong river cruise with stops at the local village – where we could photograph the children as well as their parents. Tonle Seap lake and Beng Melea were beautiful place to visit, photograph and observe. Except for 2 long travel days, it was a very good trip with an excellent guide and an interesting group of travelers. I will not hesitate to pick up another trip from Jim Cline photo tours!”
~Jacques L.


“I believe the trip was near fantastic. Karl was a great leader, from a photography and tour point of view, [offering] just enough encouragement without any pressure. ‘People photography’ was my goal but I find it intimidating – Karl’s encouragement helped with that a lot. I received good value for the money for this tour and can’t wait for my next trip!”
~ Robert D.


“The trip and the photo opportunities were great and I rate the overall trip a 10 +. Karl made the trip very successful and I appreciate all his attention and energy to make it happen. He is energetic, supportive, resourceful and extremely helpful. He instills a way to see things in a different light…a different perspective on the places we visited, which made the trip for me. I saw the places we visited in a different way, and I feel this provided me with a greater opportunity to capture unique images. All the guides were helpful and good. Overall, the restaurants choices were very good and [I liked that] a few allowed one to have familiar food from back home. The choices provided both local sampling and some home food. I had a great time so; my feelings are very positive.”
~George P.


“The photo opportunities were absolutely wonderful!!! Kudos to you Karl for taking us to so many special places and introducing us to so many nice people. I especially appreciated the variety, with many fascinating stops throughout our many days together. Karl, you’re a wonderful tour leader, experienced and attentive, a great “people person” and conversationalist. Your energy and zest for travel and photography is infectious, and I hope to travel together again. I especially appreciated looking through each other’s viewfinders in the field, and the group viewing sessions. The photo session with the models at Angkor Wat was another highlight; I learned a lot by watching how Karl positioned models and interacted with them, and then trying it myself.”
~Lisa M.


“This trip was fantastic – a 9.5….providing good value for the money. The photo opportunities were great! I particularly liked the impromptu stop at the rice field on the way to the long neck village. My photography absolutely improved and I’m very happy with the pictures I captured! The pace, hotels and restaurants on the tour were fine and Karl was great. I would like to travel with him again. I would absolutely recommend this trip to a friend [because]:

1 – very good itinerary
2 – good amount of “off the beaten track” sites (very important to me)
3 – adequate to quite nice lodging/food, etc.
4 – great guiding/instruction by Karl

I’m looking forward to your Oaxaca trip this Fall.”
~Warren S.