Testimonials Myanmar

“I got much more photographically out of this trip than I ever expected. I have a bunch of shots that are keepers and at least one that really thrills me.  Schwedagon was truly the trip’s highlight for me and I could have spent much more time there. I feel that I got good value for the money on this tour, as this trip is already pretty well tuned and it’s hard to see how to make it better. The pace of the trip and the hotels were fine, the food [at restaurants] were delicious.  Karl is great and I learned a lot from him and he is one of the best tour leaders I have ever travelled with (and I’ve travelled a lot). The local guide MM was wonderful to add the cultural information to compliment Karl’s artistic and technical expertise.  I can’t wait to go again!”
~Zoe K.


“The trip was fantastic [I would rate it] a true 10 out of 10. Karl takes a personal interest in each of us and gently pushes us to see and make our best images. The places that Karl and MM selected for us to visit and shoot were outstanding. The richness and depth [of the locales] was amazing. Karl did pre-research to ensure that the group had lots of photo opportunities and the unique photo shoots that I don’t think other trips offer. My photography definitely improved and I got some great pictures. Seeing what others shot during earlier outings help me be more creative with my photography. The people of Myanmar are the warmest and friendliest that I’ve encountered. I’ve been on three of Karl’s trips, and the pace is always intense, and I love it!”
~Steve C.


“The country, itself, is just so beautiful. The people of Myanmar are very nice and hospitable and eager for to interact with you, it is just a pleasure to there. The number of great photographic opportunities is endless. Every turn of your head will bring along an image you would like to capture. The trip is also a nice mix of people and landscape photography. It is absolutely FANTASTIC.”
~Ruti A.


“I had a very good experience on the Myanmar tour last September. I found that the tour was well organized, food was excellent and accommodations comfortable to luxurious. As for Karl, he was very approachable. When we were on longer bus rides, he would do a short lecture on camera functions, settings, exposure, etc. He also set up “office” in the back of the bus to spend one on one time with the participants. He also roamed around at the various markets and temples to check in with each of us in a very non-aggressive manner. He would peek at the back of our cameras, see if we had any questions and generally encourage us, if we needed it.

At one point, I came across a young woman at the Shwedagon Pagoda who was shy but didn’t seem to mind me photographing her. I snapped a few shots and started to walk away, not wanting to be intrusive. Karl caught me walking away and said: “Hey, she is a willing subject, get in there and go for it!” I spent about 10 minutes with her and she never resisted my snapping shots from different angles. I learned to take advantage of a “gift” in street photography!  He also advised us to put some eye candy in a simple portrait, something of interest in the frame to add interest or to tell a story about the person in the shot. That was very valuable to me.

He arranged some excellent shoots, with young monks at some of the temples. It was good experience and we benefitted greatly from those set-ups.  You just don’t get those opportunities on a self-guided tour or an organized tour that is not photography focused.”
~Margaret K.


“Go…go…go…do not hesitate. I go on 3 or 4 photo tours and workshops a year…and Karl is the absolute best. My spouse and I spent 3 weeks with Karl last September in Myanmar and Cambodia and it was an excellent trip…we are going to be with Karl again this November in Pushkar, India for two more weeks. You will not be disappointed.”
~Joe M.

“I have travelled with Karl on five trips now (Peru, India, South East Asia, Cambodia and Myanmar) and cannot speak highly enough about him and his tour organization.

He is an outstanding photographer who is willing to pass on his knowledge to his tour members – he is more interested in helping you get your perfect shot than taking photographs himself. In addition he is a gentleman with a warm personality who always puts the welfare and interests of his clients first.

Karl’s local fixer in Myanmar is very knowledgeable and exceptionally well organized – in fact he is the best fixer of all the fixers I’ve encountered on my five tours.”
~Darrell M.


“This trip was a full 10+. You know the trips are fantastic when you want to sign up for another one before the first is finished. The country [Myanmar] itself presents visual overload as soon as you arrive… I feel like I need to go back now and savor a few special places again…

I loved having so many different photo ops, all were super, and it was great to be able to stop for parades and ox cart races etc., that just popped up. The markets were stupendous. My photography improved and I captured some great pictures. I learned a lot from Karl and other participants- the mini lecturers and discussions were great.

Karl was amazing! Everything I’d heard about him was right on. Best teacher ever in the field. He was attentive to each of us in the way we needed. Also the local guide (MM) is the best ever, he is so smart, kind and thorough. I can’t say enough good stuff about him. I’m sold on Jim Cline Photo Tours, because of the superb planning and organization.”
~Judy B.


“Karl and MM were both excellent guides and instructors. I felt I knew my camera well before this trip but found I knew very little really about low light shooting and photographing people. After Karl’s instruction and seeing many remarkable shots from the whole group I feel I can run with the big dogs.

We went to many places where I doubt other tours visited because those places would not accommodate a larger group. I felt like the tour was very well researched and prepared. There was a good natural flow that never left any of us feeling like we didn’t have enough time or should have been there at a different time or should have been somewhere else.

My wife, who is not a photographer, tagged along and she had a great time as well. I think that shows how much substance there was to the trip apart from the photography.

Karl is a great guy, perfectly suited to lead a photo tour. His intelligence, experience and passion for what he does (both photographing and taking people to interesting places) were one of the highlights of the trip. When friends ask about our trip leaders my wife mostly describes Karl in terms of his excitement when the light was primo as we pulled into a site. He gave me just as much attention as I wanted, no more and no less. Occasionally he would ask if I had a question or needed help just to make sure I was taken care of. I appreciated his checking to make sure about that, appreciated being left alone when I wanted to shoot, and really appreciated the many things he taught me.

Overall, an excellent tour of the area and a terrific value for anyone interested in photography.”
~George S.


“I’ve travelled on a number of photographic trips, and Karl is easily the best [trip leader]. I’ve been with him on the Cambodian (Angkor) Workshop and the Myanmar Photo Tour, and I heartily recommend both. Karl knows the locations and the people, so always has you in the right place at the right time. His ground agents are knowledgeable and informative, and pay attention to detail, so that your travel is smooth and interesting.

Karl himself is a joy! He makes a point of spending time with each participant. He takes a real interest in his travel companions and their photographic abilities and needs. Most importantly, his love of the people in the communities that he guides his participants through, is obvious. I am looking forward to my next adventure with Karl in India in November.”
~Ursula W.


“Amazing country, amazing people, amazing photo ops. Pictures in every direction. The people charming and often ask for their photos to be taken. Karl [was] there for us always! [Local guide} MM is terrific. Knowledgeable, helpful, aware of us, and articulate! [I] got some great pix and have improved more under Karl’s tutelage. Karl is good at this [photo discussions and mini-lectures] and uses travel time to our advantage. Overall, fantastic country, great photo ops, and opportunity to learn more about shooting.”
~Elaine B.