Testimonials Peru

“If someone wants a vital experience with another culture; solid instruction photographing people and places in that milieu; and a out-and-out good time, this is the trip to take…I thought this trip was fantastic! Jim did an incredible job of managing the trip. Shepherding 10 strangers in a strange land takes a great deal of tact, firmness, and diplomacy and Jim handled every situation with aplomb. Jim did a great job of attending to people’s needs both photographic and logistic. The restaurants and food were excellent.

The photo opportunities here were excellent and varied and I was able to photograph subjects to which I’m usually drawn but I also had the chance and challenge of photographing subjects, especially people, that I normally don’t seek out…it was the vitality and the openness of the people that has stayed with me. Thanks for a great trip!”
~Louis S.


“The Machu Picchu/Peru trip was excellent. I appreciated Jim Cline’s attention to detail in the itinerary, his sensitivity to our level of fatigue, and his attention to photo opportunities. I highly recommend this photo trip.” ~Jim K.


“The trip was clearly planned very carefully and with great attention to detail, I never felt rushed.” ~Lynn B.


“The Peru Machu Picchu trip was splendid. The activities were well-paced, the guides were great, the accommodations and restaurants were excellent – overall, a great trip. Jim Cline was patient and helpful as needed. I recommend going to Machu Picchu! What a wonderful experience!” ~Glynda K.


“Thank you for including me in this extraordinary trip to Peru. When I found your group, I had the good sense to realize that this was an entry to Peru that I couldn’t do for myself. The great photo instruction and planning allowed us to find the best light in the most unique of situations. I loved that we were able to become part of the life of Peru for a brief time. Visiting the school in Huilloc where the kids learned Quechua; staying in Pisac on the plaza where we could be up before dawn and participate in the setting up of the market, knowing where to get bread fresh from the horno, meeting an Inca family in the mountains high above Pisac, hearing from Inca guides the inside story of one of the proudest civilizations on earth: all these and more made this trip a unique and most special venture. I feel very grateful to benefit from the immense work it takes to put a trip together so seamlessly for everyone, as a group and individually. The right time of year, the right hotels next to the plaza, the right restaurants filled with life and happiness and good food and drink, the wonderful guides, the attention to every detail, both for photographers and travelers. Each day was densely packed with un-miss-able experiences and special photographs!”  ~Sarah S.


“This trip was fantastic, a solid ten [on scale 1-10].  I had so many favorite parts of this trip:  Our time at Machu Picchu, and the walk down about 2,000 feet of stone steps with three children from a family Jim knows well; the stop at the weaving co-op, the brewing of corn beer, the alpaca store, and the home we visited. Oh, of course, the grade school was a wild ride, full of more photo ops per second than anything else except the moving mist over Machu Picchu.  

Jim was attentive, kind, respectful, and an intrepid leader, considerate guide, exceptional planner, great coach, helpful teacher, and wondrously made us all feel like real photographers.  Jim’s leadership throughout was perfect: never intrusive, always there when you needed him, excellent choices for stops/locations, hotels and restaurants, lovely local guides and willing subjects. He was helpful with camera/equipment/lighting/positioning/ and many other aspects of photography.  Plus, the local guides on this trip were excellent: well prepared, very helpful, unfazed by wandering photographers, excellent English and knowledge of local history and customs.  Thus, I would recommend this trip to a friend because it was fun, interesting, educational, fabulous country, and a good length.   I took some great shots, and my photographic skills did improve. 

I have not been on a lot of these trips, but from listening to others who have, this ranks right up there with the best, and better than some I heard about that were led by other leaders. I really hope I am able to join Jim again on another voyage.   Thank you for all you did to ensure that the trip was fabulous.  I really hope to go on another trip with you all.”  ~Edith S.  


“This was a fabulous experience, certainly the best trip Kathryn and I have taken in a long, long time.  The sites, hotels, restaurants, local guides were all superb.  I really liked the personal touches Jim arranged for us to photograph locals he knew from prior trips.  Jim was attentive to a real variety of personalities and very gracious.  Thanks so much, I can’t recommend your trips enough!” ~Brent & Kathryn S.  


“You {Jim} made the Photo Tour fun, doable and so creative.  You have a special way with the people and sharing that with you was the best part.” ~Kayla G. 


“I’m still in a “Peru afterglow”.  What a wonderful trip with a great group. Jim was great. My pictures of people were much better than any prior trip, thanks to Jim. I liked the relaxed way the trip was run – everything ran smoothly and Jim was always there to help if we had any difficulties, but it didn’t feel regimented. It covered the “must sees” of the mountain area of Peru, but also got to great off the beaten track shots – I liked having a guide that provided some background, history, answered questions, but also having plenty of time to shoot. In the two prior photo trips I’ve taken, there was only shooting – no tour guide information. I like the balance of both that this tour had. I also liked having plenty of room on the buses. I think there was a very good balance of planned activities/meals and free time. And last, but definitely not least, Jim – he was excellent!” ~Meredith H.


“There are a lot of great memories from our Peru trip, but most important, I learned a lot and have some outstanding photos. I learned a lot from Jim on the trip and look forward to joining another Jim Cline tour again.” ~Bob S.  


“This trip was absolutely fantastic!   It exceeded all expectations, and mine were quite high…  I totally understand the repeat business.  I’m on the interest list for Guatemala Fall 2014… can’t wait to travel with you again.  Jim was the best ever…. I knew he was constantly looking out for those of us at the far end of [our walking] pack.   The local guides were excellent, very knowledgeable and fun too. 

This trip definitely offered a good value for what we paid, for example, I couldn’t believe the high quality of the food and I liked all the hotels, they were good choices in great locations.  I’m happy with the pictures I took.  Thank you for a fabulous trip!” ~Judy B.  


“Jim really helped us learn about people photography!! Thanks for everything again.” ~Robert & Judy K.   


“I definitely want to do another trip with Jim because the one in Peru was the best I have ever gone on so far in my life.” ~Kem L.  


“Jim has so much expertise that I can’t imagine any trip going more smoothly or being more chock full of history, cultural insights, photo ops, interactions with local people, excellent accommodations, great food, and lots of exercise.  During the tour, our group seemed to be constantly on the move – by foot, bus, train, or and I loved it all. The funny thing is that though our schedule was packed, the trip had a leisurely feel. There was no rush about taking pictures and no hesitation about stopping for impromptu photo ops.  I enjoyed the trip immensely and offer a genuine ‘Thank-You’ to Jim for everything he did to make it such a complete pleasure for participants.  Hoping to participate in another trip in the future.” ~Pat F.


“What a wonderful trip! I so appreciated Jim’s leadership and guidance.  Thanks so much for all!” ~Ann T.  


“I thought this Peru trip was so great! Everything was planned and confirmed to the nth degree and everything went as smooth as possible.  You guys really know what you’re doing (take that from a veteran of many photo workshops).  I am telling everyone how smooth everything went.  Can’t wait till the next one!!”  ~Len O.  


“I was originally excited about the photos I shot during Karl’s Myanmar tour, but my images taken on this year’s Peru tour blew me away! In comparing my shots, photography techniques and understanding from all three tours I’ve done [with JCPT] – all have substantially improved- thanks to you.”  ~Phil P.  


“For me, this trip was not only perfect, but probably the best photo experience I have ever had.  The trip was a great value, I would recommend it to anyone. The pace of the trip was perfect. Because of your efforts, anyone who did not get super images has only themselves to blame. I enjoyed the opportunity to take fantastic images that I could not have done on my own. The frequent unplanned stops that yielded wonderful surprises, and the small towns along the way that were a joy to see. I especially appreciated your aggressiveness in finding the perfect situation for us. This was the perfect photographic workshop. Jim, you were first class. As good as I have ever experienced. You ought to be very proud of yourself. I try to go on a lot of these trips, and yours was so far ahead of anything I have experienced before that there is no second place.  The planning and execution were flawless, and each day seemed to be better that the previous one. The trip was so exceptional that I’m afraid any other leader will come out second rate.”  ~Aaron T.


“What a wonderful adventure in Peru. All I can say is that it was AWESOME, MARVELOUS, TERRIFIC…….and I could go on and on.  I thought the planning and the execution of the trip was superb!  The organization, and also the spontaneity, everything flowed well.  Small group, great planning, hotels/meals/sites – great stuff!    

Jim was very attentive to each person in the group. He took us to wonderful places and timed each visit with the right light for better photography.  My photos are terrific and would never have been as good without his guidance.  By bringing the photos of the people from previous trips back  to the people at places he visits, it opened the door for warmer receptions everywhere. Traveling with a man who has 2 godchildren in remote villages in Latin America has to be a unique experience – each and every time. In Pisac, his god-son and family came down from their home in an outlying village to visit with him. Yes, he has a godchild there! That is a testament to the type of person he is!

The hotels were very comfortable, and the restaurants were we ate were all very, very good. My favorite places were Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, and market day in Pisac, and I loved it all! I’d go anywhere with Jim Cline;  thanks for your good taste and generosity.”  ~Rita F.