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Testimonials – Papua New Guinea

“I knew that a guided photo tour to PNG (Papua New Guinea) would be a rich journey of photographic discovery and I was not disappointed. PNG is not an easy travel destination, but that is part of its attraction – to experience the remoteness, pristine wilderness and many diverse tribes with unique, colorful traditions that have had little contact with the outside world. Travelling with a group of enthusiastic, like-minded photographers, led by a skilled tour leader, brought out the best in all of us and we enjoyed great camaraderie and forged new friendships.

I chose Jim Cline Photo Tours after careful research. But for me, the tipping point was that the trip would be led by Karl Grobl. Karl is an excellent tour leader; enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and with the knack of being in the right place at the right time, with the right equipment. This JC [Jim Cline} trip was very well organized despite its complexity. For my son and I, this tour was a life-changing experience. We managed, like the rest of the group, to take great images, sometimes in less than ideal circumstances. We cannot wait to join Karl again on another JCPT to another exotic location.”
~Anthony L.


“Despite some minor glitches, it was a fabulous trip. Be hard to forget the incredible Sing Sing festival and its nonstop photo ops. Thanks Karl and all the rest of you for making this a trip to remember.”
Ellen C.


“The people of PNG are the friendliest people I’ve ever met. They are always very happy to see you, help you, and pose for you… All the travel arrangements went off with precision — quite remarkable.  Staying at the village on the Sepik river was an adventure. We stayed dorm style in a traditional house. We did have a primitive shower and toilet and electricity for a few hours of the night. We also had some fresh crocodile — caught and skinned that day — for dinner. The food was home cooking anda tasty using local ingredients.

Going to the villages, meeting the people, and going to the sing sings was incredible. The creativity of the body paint and decorations is astounding especially since they are using natural materials. It is amazing what they can do with plants, feathers, and shells. The face painting is unbelievable. The access that you are allowed to the people as they prepare is absolutely generous. The variety of the costumes for the different tribes is amazing. When you find someone who can speak English they are happy to answer your every question…photo ops abound. And there aren’t a lot of other tourists around even at the major sing sing which has been going on for 56 years. My recommendation: Do it. Definitely do it.”
~Tim M.


“Concerning my trip to Papua New Guinea….I am so happy I went! There were many times I wondered why I was going as it wasn’t inexpensive, etc. but because it was Karl and Jim Cline Photo Tours, which I have great respect for, that helped me continue the journey. My love to travel with Karl made a HUGE difference as I knew we would be well taken care of and as safe as one could be. I was right. Many, many thanks for offering this unusual destination and making it unusual once we were there. We saw the diversity of the island, which is important as we may never get back in that area again. It’s not an area you pass over while going somewhere else and you want to stop in.

It wasn’t just the sights and sounds of a diverse culture I gained- it was so much more. Comparing and contrasting with our culture brings home once again what we have here and what is important. Being a country a bit on the wild side gives rise to that feeling of adventure, taking you out of your comfort zone that we all need to periodically do to feel alive…or at least I need.

Best of all there was Karl, who brought me up to the 21st century a bit with his teachings, being quite patient and presenting opportunities that the average photo tour leader wouldn’t do as Karl has an unbelievable ability and energy level beyond most. Thank you again Karl for bringing me under your wing and making this a trip I will brag about for years to come.”


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