Testimonials – India Pushkar Camel Fair

“This trip was Perfect and wonderful with zero disappointments!  Karl is the BEST, he’s amazing and goes above and beyond for a leader….The photo opps were fabulous during this tour.”
~Shelly R.


“I’m finally home from India and what a fantastic trip, it was the best yet.  We had the greatest group and the most intense photography.  Karl and [local guide] DV are an awesome combo.”


“This trip was perfection. The trouble with India is that it will spoil you for any future photographic trips, as the opportunity to take images is limitless. I have been taking workshops for over ten years, and nothing comes close to India. Karl, as usual, was perfect, the accommodations were wonderful, and the food better than expected. The people were more than willing to be photographed and the results were fantastic images. Well done again on a beautifully planned experience.”
~Aaron T.


“This trip started me on fulfilling a life-long wish to visit India. I will go back! I loved the train rides, even (especially) the long one in that funky first-class car. The Golden Temple was fascinating. I’m grateful that we had the opportunity to stop at the various villages along our route, which would not be possible without your planning and past experiences. Every place we visited offered something special. In general, the lodging was very good, and a few places stood out. Thank you all, and especially you, Karl, for all of your hard work. You are the best…and don’t ever give up this day job, Karl! I have a bucket list to complete with you!”
~Nancy B.


“This was a wonderful trip; our group was wonderful, we bonded very quickly and I believe it was due to Karl’s leadership. Karl, works very hard at bringing these trips together and successful, but it all seems so effortless that we don’t take notice. He is organized, fun, informed and most of all he manages to be more enthusiastic than members of his group…whether his 12th time at the Pushkar fair or the first, his enthusiasm and love of the culture is infectious. Karl’s authentic enjoyment of travel, culture, people and photography transmits to the ten others on the trip. Of course there are more reasons:

-his respect for the people in country and to the people on the trip

-his taking opportunities for teachable moments every day , I learned something about photography, camera, lens, good perspective, good light etc

-he made the trip fun and sociable as he was right there with us in the mix of good camaraderie, whether silly fun or good discussion, and I ALWAYS felt taken care of… as someone who shoulders responsibilities in my own life, job and family, I was able to feel carefree as a kid because I knew all conditions were handled, safe and sound no matter what roadblocks came up, our fearless leader took care.”
~ Roseann


“I thought the tour was excellent…Karl did a superb job of guiding, teaching and making everyone comfortable. The local guide (DV) was wonderful and a pretty incredible individual. I most enjoyed the time we spent roaming around looking for that next great image. My photography improved during the trip and now before shooting, I will always think ‘What would Karl do in this situation’. Both guides have made this trip so many times that most things seemed “seamless”. I would absolutely recommend the tour and look forward to joining another tour, maybe returning to India”
~Michael C.


“The trip was fantastic with zero disappointments! It provided an excellent range and selection of hotels. I LOVED the tented camp at Manvar! Karl was highly attentive and genuinely committed to helping everyone take their photography skills to the next level. He would routinely stop us on the street or wherever we might be to check what we were shooting, viewing the back of our cameras, and made recommendations to improve our results. I greatly appreciate that Karl encouraged group reviews of our work almost every night and shared his own work. Seeing his and the other travelers’ way of seeing India was instructive and inspiring.  The local guides for the trip were EXCEPTIONAL (DV) and wonderful, very kind and attentive (Sikh fellow). There are many choices for photo tours to India, but I felt this was well priced, the locations were ideal for northern India and Karl’s photographic expertise and personality made this THE only choice for me.”
~Barbara C.


“It was a wonderful trip and it certainly exceeded all my expectations from each photo shoot, every hotel, our local Indian guide, Dv, the pace…all contributed to the success of the trip. Best of all, Karl was a most accommodating, patient, instructive, talented, good-natured, entertaining, tireless leader AND definitely well-connected. Cocktails one evening in Delhi at the US Embassy with Ambassador Nancy Powell was an unexpected honor and treat for us all. My only regret was not going on the extension. Thanks for everything.”
~Sally B.