“This was an outstanding trip, a 5 out of 5; I loved this experience. I can see why you get so many repeat clients. My favorite parts were the Holi Festival, connecting with people and everything I learned. The opportunities for great photos was a fabulous part of the trip. I really liked it when Karl made a suggestion for something to “work on” like framing or tilting the horizon. I needed more direction that most of the folks and really appreciated all that I got, Karl was very patient with me…he was great and so was the local guide.

It was really fabulous to be taken to places with so many wonderful opportunities to experience the culture, meet people, and oh, yes, make pictures. Going to parts of the world where they rarely see foreigners was a terrific experience. For me the “learning” part was great. I feel much more confident in going forward with my photography. I have a list of things to work on. I hope to take another JCPT with Karl.”
~Susan S.



“The trip was fantastic. Karl is a true professional – he remains composed and calm under all circumstances. Obviously, as a new trip, there were a few surprises. Karl and DV [our local guide] pulled it off beautifully, and Karl was always able to turn every bump into a positive experience. Karl and DV have great friendship chemistry, which is lovely to be around, and works well for everybody on the trip. The trip was more challenging (for me, on a personal level), more edifying and satisfying than I had expected. It was a great success!”
~Bonny P.