Testimonials Guatemala

“I enjoy traveling with Jim because of the strong relationships that he has developed with people over the years. Besides seeing the Cathedral ruins in Antigua, another favorite time during the tour was seeing the homes of Jim’s friends…[JCPT] provides unique opportunities to photograph people and places that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to. I travel with Jim because I know that I will experience cultures in a way that I would never be able to on my own.”
~Mindy S.


“This was an excellent trip.  The local guides were very personable, friendly, eager, motivated & attentive. I very much enjoyed the animal market, the visits to the homes, and the guided city tour of Antigua. This trip provided a very good selection of restaurants and hotels and I would undoubtedly recommend this trip.”
~Dan H.


“My trip to Guatemala was fabulous, fabulous! Special thanks to Jim Cline for his marvelous leadership and friendship!”
~Ann T.


“There were many favorite parts of this trip, including the opportunity to photograph this beautiful country accompanied by other skilled photographers who could help me improve my photography. I loved waking up early at Lake Atitlan and watching the sun rise over the volcanoes. I loved re-visiting Guatemala…and was impressed with Jim’s preparation in finding local Indian guides/models/families that enhanced our experience and our ability to meet with the local Indian population. Managing our group also requires skills as “herding cats” and Jim does very well in that regard and in looking after us. Also, the local guides were all courteous and helpful. 

The photo opportunities were abundant: The lakes, volcanoes landscapes and the Indian villages and markets present abundant opportunities. I would recommend this trip to anyone interested in photography and looking for a beautiful country and people to take photos. There are few better places than Guatemala. Keep up the good work, Jim, I hope to go on more trips.”
~Herb H.


“Thank you all for helping to make this a memorable Guatemala experience. I really enjoyed travelling with everyone and Jim, you set the pace with your organization, calm appearance and by allowing each of us to express our own photographic creativity.”
~Judy & Robert K.


“Thank you for guiding us through a wonderful trip to Guatemala, I enjoyed every minute of it. Your attention to our scheduling, accommodations, meals, the people of Guatemala, the market days, and of course to the photo opportunities for the group, were all terrific. I was happy to be a part of the group. Thank you again.”
~Carol H.


“We want to thank you for orchestrating a great trip to Guatemala. The trip was much, much better than we had initially expected. The combination of your knowing the people, good hotels, good meals all contributed to a very nice photo trip. Thanks again and hope all is well.”
~George & Joan S.


“It was a great trip, with no disappointments, and our group leader was wonderful. He was well prepared, patient and has a good sense of humor. He was very easy to travel with, I feel like I’m traveling with a friend. I loved stopping to shoot the procession with the comrades and being able to stay and shoot locals when the light is good even if it is not on the schedule. The individual attention is even more valuable though. I learned several things this time that helped me to get better photos. I really liked the opportunity to interact with and photograph the locals. Jim’s many relationships with locals is what makes the trips special and will keep me coming back again and again. No suggestions for improvement; Jim did a great job.”
~Terri H.


“Upon reviewing the images I shot, I fondly remember the wonderful trip you took us on. I wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience!”