Testimonials Ensenada

“The tour offers lots to shoot that’s out of the ordinary, including many opportunities to think out of the box.  So much of it was just great shooting and I got lots of great pictures!  The workshops [and leader] helped me think in different ways/capture images out of my typical pattern.  Thanks so much for putting together a great trip…which exceeded my expectations.”
~Rose S.


“Not a bit more excitement, photography nor sightseeing could be packed into a 3-day span which this trip covers.  We went to a plethora of terrific spots, my favorite being the cliffs, ocean, and what looks like a geyser.   I think that each day, most in the group shot over 125 images, because we saw so much!  Diligent pre-planning of this trip by Jim insured our group visited pre-determined spots at certain times of the day which allowed us to shoot with optimal lighting conditions.   Jim combines his organizational and creative sense to provide a seamless, exciting and productive photo tour.  The workshops he gave, and group ‘shares’ with constructive criticism, were insightful and highly educational.  I must add that the meals -like fresh fish, lobster, etc. were outstanding – including the French food at an esteemed restaurant.  The guides, plus uniquely Mexican food, photo opps and entertainment all made for a rewarding and satisfying tour.”
~Michelle D.


“The trip was fantastic, I had a great time, and Jim was absolutely the best tour guide you could ever ask for. He is patient and kind, generous and fun. I can’t say enough.  The overall pace of the trip was perfect in my opinion, my photography improved by 100% and the photo discussions were very informative.  I was happy with the hotel, which was very nice and centrally located.  I would fully recommend this trip.  It was a wonderful group of people, and so nice to meet so many walks of life and hear stories of our own journey’s shared together.  Thank you so much.”
~Khristy F.


“The trip was fabulous. I can’t even suggest any improvements. The trip was stress-free for me because you knew where to go, including the restaurants. I really appreciated how you gave pictures from a previous trip out to the folks in Ensenada.  That paved the way for us to take more pictures of them plus it just showed what a nice person you are! I definitely will take a longer trip with you in the future!”
~Lisa C.


“This was a very good trip, my favorite part being the harbor boat ride with the sea lions all around.  The photo opportunities were good and Jim was great– very nice and helpful.  I loved all the food/restaurants.  Overall, it was a very nice, well organized tour. I hope that I can go on another tour someday.”
~Gale C.


“This trip was great as a photography tour and cultural experience. I liked all of the restaurants; it is more about the experience and seeing something different.  My favorite part of the trip was going to the blow hole! I also enjoyed the photo critique and picking up needed skills from the other experienced photographers. I feel like I got some great pictures. I would recommend this trip to anyone interested in photography. Jim was great! Overall I had a great time and can’t wait for my next tour!”
~Dara W.


“Jim Cline was an awesome leader who brought us to places I’d never get to on my own. Very cool!  I loved this trip- it surpassed my expectations.  The three days offered much variety and the photo opps were fantastic- it was great getting to shoot a little bit of everything.  It was a great trip.”
~Dan B.


“Another great trip and Jim was great, as always; he is a pleasure to travel and shoot with.  I thought the photo opps were all good.  I can definitely recommend this trip considering it is a short, less expensive trip that gives you an authentic experience of Mexico and some great photo opportunities.”
~Robert D.  


“I’d definitely suggest this trip to others and rate it as the best.  I was very pleasantly surprised and enjoyed every minute of it. There’s not one favorite part of the trip, all of it was enjoyable.  Tour leader Jim was always attentive to my needs and I always find the photo discussions to be very useful.”
~Claude L.


“I loved the trip and it was packed full of fun places to see with excellent photography instruction. The trip was not too long either which sometimes is really nice. Short, sweet and jam-packed full of learning!  I liked the selection of places visited where the photo opportunities were terrific: the fish market, the evening view of Ensenada, the harbor cruise, the blow hole and markets, the winery, pottery factory, roadside tamale shops and the Tecate sign.  

Jim was so helpful both in his presentation and while we were shooting.  I liked learning new camera techniques and the opportunity to use a tripod. I got some great shots and learned so many techniques.  The visit to the art gallery where Jim’s photos were displayed was excellent. Talking about how each picture was captured was extremely valuable.

Again, it was a short trip so not everything can be accomplished and I thought Jim did a remarkable job packing in so much.  Jim was terrific and made such an effort to be sure EVERYONE was happy. He wanted everyone to enjoy the trip and to learn new things about photography and he took every effort to make this happen. He has a great sense of humor and was flexible but kept the program on time.

I thought the entire trip was great — definitely a TEN [highest]!  Absolutely I feel the tour is good value for the money and would absolutely suggest it to others.  Jim Cline provides high quality tours [4x tour participant] with loads of photography instruction, individual help, wonderful places to see, and Jim succeed to get our group to these places at the right time of day for the best pictures. Thank you.”
~Bonnie S.


“Thanks for putting together such a great trip! I am happy that I got to experience some new places and become reacquainted with places I’d seen before.  Your willingness to help with photography tips, knowledge of the area and language made the trip really special.  Thanks again for a terrific trip.”
~Wille O.


“Being in good locations and enjoying wonderful scenery and delicious food! Many thanks for the wonderful trip. I did enjoy it very much.”
~Raini M.


“Jim was a very good leader–he was friendly, attentive and helpful. I liked the way he made how-to suggestions to us before a shoot and was particularly aware of the newbies in the group.  The photo discussions were just right.  I enjoyed all the tour stops, the places were all new to me.  The trip’s pace was very good; I never felt rushed, nor did I ever feel that we had too much time in any one place.  The hotel was fine- clean, friendly staff, and in a very good location for the tour group.

I’d rank the tour a ‘10’ [highest] since I enjoyed it all and would absolutely recommend this trip.  I think it was fun and interesting and provided me the opportunity to take pictures in places I would never have gone on my own–the boat ride, the pottery factory, the winery. All at a very reasonable price that offers a good value.  Thanks for a wonderful trip!”
~Betty W.


“My overall feedback: Outstanding!  Extraordinary value and highly recommended.  I have never been on a photo workshop that offered so many different photographic opportunities in such a short period without feeling rushed: coastal scenery, colorful fish markets, harbor scenes, and markets; underground winery bottle and barrel storage; night photography overlooking a harbor and later of neon signs against setting sun; pottery factory lit by rays of light through eerily dusty interior; urban and rural landscapes; colorfully attired cultural events; and wildlife in seals and birds on a dawn harbor cruise.  The trip was paced well, offered a good selection of food and accommodation; clean, comfortable van and driver used.   Excellent knowledge of the area was shared by trip leader Jim, who has personal relationships with many of the locals we encountered.  I will go with this trip leader again.”
~Dale T.