Testimonials Eastern Cuba

“Chris was great; he took me from non-photographer status, i.e. point and shoot only…to fanatical photographic virtuoso. That was a surprise bonus since I was just going along for the ride…not for the photography! My favorite part of this trip was Chris’ input, be it in the realm of photography or in his vast knowledge of Cuba. Chris made photography, history and current events fascinating. Plus, he truly had a love for the locals and treated them with compassion and respect. The local guides were also fabulous and attentive… Being introduced to Cuba through the eyes and camera of Christopher was inspirational.”
~Paula Z.


“Very professional and well run experience. Chris Baker is a wealth of knowledge and provides it in a warm and entertaining way. I would go on any trip he is leading. The Cuban guide and driver were great, very professional and yet like family. We were given the chance every day to meet and interact with local Cubans. The photo opportunities were broad-based and provided experience and instruction on a wide range, everything from shooting models to landscape. Chris really improved my eye for a good shot. Always had good advice and didn’t overwhelm with technicalities. He was way above our expectations. By the end of the trip we considered him a good friend that we would like to see again.”
~Reno D.