Testimonials Day of the Dead Oaxaca

 [This was] one of my most favorite trips…being in the midst of the comparsas…fabulous photo opportunities…great restaurants…wonderful local guides. Jim was A+++

I generally do not want to go back to a place I have been because I want to see the places I have not yet seen. However, this is one place (Oaxaca), one event (Day of the Dead), and one photo tour (JCPT) I could imagine repeating. ~Shelly R.

“We have traveled to 108 countries so far and this is the first time we have replicated a trip – we did the trip in 2009 and 2017 was even more incredible and heartwarming. It was an amazing human experience, and the photo opportunities were endless. Jim is a great leader! We would absolutely recommend.”  ~ Ed S.

“Another great photo trip with Jim Cline. Jim successfully combines local cultural sites and traditions, as well as numerous photo opportunities beyond the norm. I was previously in Oaxaca with a “National” photo tour company. Jim Cline’s trip was superior in every way. Jim loves the Latin people and culture and gives his small groups the opportunities to meet the locals and participate in their traditions. There is a reason that so many tour participants have traveled with Jim before–his trips are great!” ~ Susie S.

“On many levels, the tour surpassed my expectations and I enjoyed many parts of the trip, such as the cemeteries offered an amazing learning experience.    On the whole, the locations our group visited were great and I definitely got some great pictures.   Jim makes for a very good, attentive and kind leader and all around good person.  For the local guides- I loved them both, one was a fountain of knowledge and I don’t think there was a fact he didn’t know.   Good job and thank you for a great experience of Oaxaca and Dios de Los Muertos.” ~Nancy N.


“I had yet another great time on the tour in Oaxaca – after a day or two, it seemed like I was just hanging out with a bunch of friends taking in all the fabulous colorful sights of the city.  I never felt rushed, but never felt like we missed anything.  We certainly couldn’t have missed many comparsas.” ~Dan N.


“Thanks for a great tour.  I really enjoyed the Day of the Dead & having you as our leader.” ~Maureen M.   


“The trip was great including my extension to Mexico City. As I look at [my photos] I am very pleased with how many turned out well.  Thanks for all of your help and friendship.” ~Lowell D.


“I can’t get Day of the Dead out of my blood and often think of the trip.  I remember what a wonderful experience it was and how you made that possible. Thank you!” ~Colleen N.   


“On the trip, I took 1,100 images, learned a lot, and enjoyed a needed soul revival.  Jim was great to travel with.  I am always amazed at the quality of enriched and intelligent folks I meet on these trips.” ~Julia


“I thought the trip was fantastic and I’m so glad I went…it was worth every penny.  My favorite part of the trip was witnessing the Mexican people. It was wonderful to see them celebrate the Day of the Dead and thanks to Jim, I was able to see them celebrate on many different days.  I felt like a VIP during many times on the trip.  One dinner (cooked by a someone named Jesus) was very special since it was at someone’s home, always fun when traveling to other countries.   Thanks to Jim and others I learned a lot [about photography] and plan to use what I learned in the future. There were some many wonderful photo opportunities everywhere so I was never lacking for subjects. I took some good photos which I’m pleased with.   I enjoyed the photo discussions and lectures and it was great being prepped before the actual shoot. I think they are an important part of any photo workshop.  I wished there was more time for each location since they were all so interesting! 

The pre-trip preparation was extremely helpful.  I also enjoyed the hotel in Oaxaca and would stay there again; it was very clean, the staff was friendly and the restaurant was wonderful.  I would recommend every trip that Jim leads, he is truly a professional and a great leader who went above and beyond what is expected.  Jim was highly attentive to my needs, I can’t think of anything more he could have done.  I knew he was special just from the many emails he sent before the trip.  Because of his connections in Mexico, I probably got to see more than most people do when they visit for the Day of the Dead.   Thanks for an outstanding trip! I enjoyed it so much that I am planning to return in 2015.” ~Phyllis H.


“Jim was great as usual, and the trip was quite near fantastic!  I thought this tour was a good pace.  The hotel was great – staff was very helpful and friendly, and it was located in a great location.  The photo discussions were useful for me in terms of examples and what to expect and the actual photo opportunities were very good.  I enjoyed the candid shots of the high school kids preparing for the comparsas, the Folklorico dancers and the model shoot with Olga. But overall (that my images don’t convey) just the sense of community and celebration that this tradition has. 

Attending a photo tour with Jim Cline one can expect 1) excellent organization to get you to great locations in the best light, 2) Jim’s easy-going and casual manner and 3) his willingness to help you with anything he can – be it a photography question or just being short a few pesos. The best recommendation I can give is this is my third trip with Jim Cline Photo Tours and I’m considering a fourth.  I would absolutely recommend this trip to a friend!” ~Robert D. 


“What a fabulous, fabulous trip that was!  It was a new ballgame for me and I loved it!  Your demeanor, networking, photo knowledge, etc. boded quite well with me.” ~Ann T. 


“The Oaxaca trip was incredible.  I absolutely loved it and want to do it again in a couple of years.” ~Becky W. 


“Everything from pre-trip preparation to dinner each night was very satisfactory.  I absolutely received good value for the cost of the trip and [there was] just the right number of people, good accommodations, food, etc.  I’ve wanted to see the Day of the Dead festival for a long time, and am glad I did it.   It was a great trip – and I’ll definitely see you again.   I think the photo discussions prior to photo shoots were useful and Jim did a great job – very responsive and helpful.  Thanks for creating a great opportunity.” ~Sharon G. 


“Day of the Dead festival was truly amazing. It was action packed! There was always something going on. It was visually stimulating! I am definitely traveling with you again!”   The restaurants, the flow of our itinerary, and pre-trip preparation were top notch (very satisfactory).  The tour was perfect and Jim was great:  really easy going, organized, attentive, generous. 

I enjoyed everything being centered around photography and traveling with other photographers.  There was just the right amount of photo instruction by Jim and I appreciated that in the field, Jim would let us be if we wanted and if we wanted more instructions or to learn something in particular, he was there to help. I do think I learned a lot (technique and equipment wise) and I got shots that I was really happy with.  I had a great time…and would definitely recommend this trip to my friends.” ~Chantal L. 


“Thanks for putting together such a fantastic, well-organized trip.  The variety of activities – and the super location of the hotel right in the middle of those activities was great – good choice.  Some of the photo “assignments” were challenging – night shots and the movement within the parades – but, hey, that’s what we came for.  We appreciate all your efforts that made things go so smoothly – and we look forward to joining another of your tours. Thanks!” ~Bernadette S.