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Cuba Cultural Exchange: Havana, Vinales & Trinidad with Jim Cline2018-10-30T12:20:27+00:00

Testimonials – Cuba with Jim Cline

“Jim Cline’s Cuba tour is well-organized and offers a great opportunity to photograph people and places in an interesting developing country. Jim and the local guides were both excellent, and I loved riding and photographing the old cars. This trip is a great opportunity to shoot street photography in a unique setting. I would highly recommend!”
~ Gary L.


“I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. You are an excellent organizer, and I think that helped to keep the tour running smoothly. I heard many of the folks say the same thing. I just got back my 13 rolls of 3D film yesterday and I am super excited. I have many good exposures that turned out well. I look forward to more JCPT trips. Thank you again.”     
~ Dorothy M.


“Thanks for your hard work Jim.  The trip was fabulous, it was a very good value.   It was a small group and expertly organized.   You were perfect  Jim, this was a trip of a life time for me.”
~Claude L.


“I thought the trip was great and I would recommend this trip to fellow photographers. There were lots of good photo opps and I got some memorable images. I enjoyed meeting the Cuban photographers. I thought Jim was amazing!! I had a great time.
~Susan W. 


“Jim, thanks for a great time, this Cuba trip was indeed special. The best part was going to the ballet…I really enjoyed the Afro-Cuban dancers – weird as they were – and the venue was wonderful – it was a great cultural experience. I loved the Hostal in Havana – great room, great location, etc. I can’t wait to go back.”
–Rita F.


Jim is an excellent leader who really knows and loves Cuba! He has made friends, both small town residents and other photographers there in Cuba. He even has local experts who tell personal stories and help with setting up great shots. Jim treats all his participants with respect and patience; he offers advice without being pushy; he is always available if someone needs a little help. I highly recommend traveling with Jim. I also travelled with him to Peru, also a fabulous trip.
~Edie S. 


“Jim, you were what a leader should be.  If I had a question you know the answer or know someone who did. The trip was a new adventure which was more than I expected.  It was colorful and lively and the people (Cubans) were great to visit with and cooperative for photos, etc.  A GREAT TRIP, thanks!”
~Bob M.


“I give you an A+. Terrific experience. You were absolutely the best!!! Thank you so much, Jim, for all your work in arranging it. Thanks again for a great trip.”
~Sing B.


“If your focus is street photography or photographing people, find a tour leader who has or is good at developing personal relationships with locals. For example, I went with Jim Cline Photo Tours on my recent trip to Cuba.  Jim was comfortable speaking with people we met on the street. He had relationships with locals throughout the trip, some very long term. He literally opened doors for all of us, into people’s homes, and all the families we met were great.

I was much more comfortable talking to people, and taking their photographs, following his lead. Jim also had local photographers join our group to provide support, which added greater depth to our experiences. Jim led a great photo trip, providing me the opportunity to take some good photos.”
~Susan K.


“I really was blown away by how warm and welcoming the people were. Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into the Cuba trip, and creating a wonderful adventure for us.”
~Sharon G.


“I have nothing but pleasant memories as I look at my images. It really was a terrific trip with lots of fun and interesting segments and yet another wonderful examination of that beautiful country.”
~Gini P.


“Thank you for such a wonderful experience!!!! You were the best leader I have ever had. It [the trip] was planned in such a way that we were able to interact with the Cuban people, experience the countryside, as well as the city and small towns. It made for a most exciting and unique experience.”
~Bestina C.


“What an impressive and exciting trip! Jim is a pleasure to be around. He did a wonderful job arranging things. Meeting the people and learning about their lifestyles was very informative. Thanks again and know that you did an outstanding job on the trip.”
~Robbie H.


“This trip was the most fun I’ve had in years!  I’d do it again in a heartbeat if you were the professional and had the same cast of characters. I fear disappointment on future trips because this one was so good. You were not only attentive but concerned about our welfare, desires, etc.  I’ve traveled a lot solo, and the addition of your personality and attentiveness was welcomed.  The trip blended a great combination of photographic opportunities of varied interest points with enough information on the country to which few Americans have traveled.  The situations created through your efforts to provide and to make us aware of the eager nature of the people to be photographed was unique to me and a high point of the trip.  Thanks for all your help and support.”
~Phil P.


“Cuba was a great trip and great time. Thanks so much for putting together another quality trip.  Yours are so good I don’t even want to try any others until I’ve done all of yours.  You were great as always, Jim.  I really enjoy your casual attitude and your thorough preparation and your patience with photographers with Attention Deficit Disorder.  You are easy to be with, helpful, and your enthusiasm for the place and people is contagious.  The trip was a good value and yes I would recommend your trips to all photographers.  I like the small groups, your shooting locations and the opportunity for emersion into the local culture.  Who else could arrange mojitos, and cigars on Paco’s porch as well as dinner at his kitchen table? Great experience Jim!”
~Terri H.


“For me this truly was the trip of a lifetime—-I loved it!  Thanks so much for everything!!!!  I was going through my thousands of pictures and I shake my head. You certainly outdid yourself, what a fabulous, fabulous trip you put together!  I truly appreciate you marvelous attitude and way with people!  This trip was such an amazing opportunity for me.  I have already recommended it—and numerous times.  Thank you, thank you!”
~Ann T.


“Thanks for the great tour.  Great images. great people,  great country, our Fearless Leader, what else is there?  Looking forward to Cuba 2.”
~Ron L.


“Thank you for putting together a very memorable trip. We appreciated the variety of locations you chose and the opportunity to meet with the friends that you have cultivated. It was a well-rounded trip, so there were a lot of things that combined to make the trip a great one. We loved the people, the music, the old cars, the architecture, the tour directors, and our fellow companions. We enjoyed it immensely. Thanks again for a wonderful trip!”
~Ned & Sara B.


“I am still on a high from a great tour – in fact the best tour I have had the luck to be part of. Thank you so much.”
~Jeanette D.


“There were so many moments that know I wouldn’t have been able to have from any other group trip. I felt that I came away from the trip not just seeing Cuba, but experiencing it in a way that most visitors probably don’t get the chance to do. Thanks for the great trip!”
~Louis T.

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