Cuba with Christopher P. Baker – Testimonials

Thank you so much, Jim, for this wonderful experience. I give you an A+. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. All your planning and hard work in preparation for leading this trip was well worth it. I loved so many things about the trip—the friendliness of the Cuban people and their hospitality, the camaraderie of our group, the free time and freedom to wander and explore, the wealth of people, places and things to photograph, the live music everywhere, sitting on the patio at (the tobacco farmer’s) house drinking rum and smoking cigars—pure bliss, Terrific experience. You were absolutely the best!!! And very helpful. It was a great trip. Thank you so much, Jim, for all your work in arranging it and being our leader. Thanks again for a terrific trip and for the group photos.
Sing B.
The trip to Cuba was truly an amazing experience. I am so glad to have visited at this time. Thanks again for a great trip!
Heidi R.
Cuba was wonderful and I’m ready to head back again. I really was blown away by how warm and welcoming the people were. Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into the Cuba trip, and creating a wonderful adventure for us.
Sharon G.
Thanks for putting a wonderful trip together, it exceeded all of my expectations. What wonderful memories, I have had my music on ALL day!!!!! I don’t think I will ever enjoy a trip more, the trip which was absolutely amazing. For me, it will set the bar for any trip I take in the future. Photographically I don’t think any trip any place will be as satisfying. You did an amazing job of coordinating it. You put a lot of yourself in this trip and it was very obvious. I hope all your subsequent trips are as successful as this one. You will certainly see me again. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!
Gini P.
Jim, thank you for such a wonderful experience!!!! You were the best leader I have ever had. I loved the spontaneity of your actions and responses to the unpredictable adventures during the trip. Yes, you were very attentive to my needs, which were few. I just loved being a part of the group. Yes, I would recommend this trip to my friends I thought it was very personal. It was planned in such a way that we were able to interact with the Cuban people, experience the countryside as well as the city and small towns. What I most enjoyed about the trip: Experiencing the people, music, and country of Cuba. There were no disappointments on this trip. I know that each group will present you with new challenges, please do not change the spontaneity of your responses and actions. It made for a most exciting and unique experience. I look forward to Cuba 2. Please put me on the waiting list.
Bestina C.
What an impressive and exciting trip! It was so special to go to Cuba since most Americans do not get the opportunity to experience the beautiful country, learn about the history, and visit the gracious people. All of the restaurants were wonderful with great music. Jim is always very polite, cheerful and a pleasure to be around. You always try to accommodate everyone’s suggestions. He did a wonderful job arranging things. Meeting the people and learning about their lifestyles was very informative. I found the Cuban people to be happy – and everyone seemed so excited that we were Americans. The biggest thrill was seeing all of the 1950’s cars. My family loved the fact that I smoked a Cuban cigar, since I don’t smoke. But joining in added to the fun. I enjoyed everything on the trip (and all of the other ones). I have always recommended your trips to friends and strangers alike. They are all great trips providing more specialized and individual commitment from you and Karl. I know from our business it takes a lot of behind the scene dedication, investing a lot of time and work for the final product and/or service. Thanks again and know that you did an outstanding job on the trip. I know you put in a lot of hard work and time to make it successful. I’ve always gotten more than my money’s worth.
Robbie H.