Testimonials Chiapas

“Thanks for a terrific Mayan cultural immersion Jim! Your planning and attention to detail really paid dividends. It was great to meet the many locals you befriended which made photographing the shy indigenous people so much easier. And the many special touches like visiting a Mayan healing ceremony and photographing a group of Chorros bull riding and roping really made the trip special. Janny and I will definitely see you on future trips!”
~Warren S.

“Fun, educational, inspiring and adventurous are a few words I would use to describe Jim Cline’s Photo Tour to Chiapas. The far south of Mexico holds the secrets of the ancient people of Mexico and Jim will do his best to share them with you. I’ve visited heavily touristed ruins all over the world. Wandering around Bonampak truly left me feeling like I was one of only a few privileged enough to get there. Jim is a friendly and knowledgeable photographer who is happy to share his skills with you. He is also meticulously well organized and will be sure you are where you need to be to get the best light and subjects.”
~Susan F.

“The trip was fantastic and truly exceeded my expectations.  Jim is a very friendly and knowledgeable individual, who tries to help everyone in the group regardless of photographic knowledge.  He was always attentive to the needs of the group and did an outstanding job.  Jim was very helpful with camera settings and spent considerable amount of time assisting tour participants when photographing various scenes.  He also did a great job to select for us indigenous people to photograph in the street and at their home.  Every time I am out photographing with Jim my photograph improves. Having said that, I learned more from Jim on this trip vs. the previous trips I’ve been on. He is very detail oriented and he runs his tours like clockwork.  For all these reasons, I can recommend this trip for photo tours in the Americas.”
~Javier M.


“Many thanks again for a great trip.  Jim really went all out to make the trip special in so many ways, and I recognize him for the attention to detail that he appears to specialize in.  The choice of restaurants was great as well.  I am already looking forward to Guatemala [my next Jim Cline Photo Tours trip].”
~Polly R.


“I would rate this trip a 10 as it exceeded my expectations and feel that it is good value for the cost.  The restaurants were fine, I enjoyed photographing the models, and definitely got some great shots.”
~Alan B.


“Thanks for putting together a first rate photo tour.   I can’t imagine a more thorough nor more enjoyable journey to Chiapas.  But beyond the photography, you gave us a cultural and visual adventure that will long be treasured.  I enjoyed the wonderful diversity of locations, culture, food and traveling companions.  It was a spectacularly fun and productive trip.  The hotels were clean, comfortable and well located, the restaurants were excellent, the size of our group was perfect.  And the itinerary was well selected as to time, subject and location.  Jim did a great job; he was there to help if needed and knew when to let go of the leash.  I’m already looking forward to my next adventure on a Jim Cline tour.  If anyone asked, I would suggest one of their photo tours.”
~Ron S.


“The trip was ‘fantastic’. Every aspect was quite good and well planned, organized and executed.  It was an incredible photographic experience, beyond my greatest expectations. Critical to our enjoyment was the meticulous attention to planning, organization and execution regarding your selection of the quality hotel accommodations, restaurants and local guides.  The combination of your proficiency with the Spanish language and interpersonal skills, resulted with a unique inter-action with the local people and many fabulous photo opportunities throughout our journey.  Now, I realize why you have attracted so many repeat participants from your other amazing tours, as was evident with your Chiapas venue.

The distinct opportunity to enter and take photos in your friends’ homes in Zinacatan and climbing high-up the pyramid to photograph the exquisite wall murals of Bonapak were unique and exceptional highlights of entire journey. The structure of tour was well balanced between the formal tour segments and free time. Jim’s judgment is very sound, because of his understanding of group’s characteristics and various needs and previous tour experiences.

Both hotels were clean & comfortable and provided more that adequate services and facilities. plus the staff a both hotels took pride with accommodating their guests. The Palenque Hotel’s full service restaurant featured good quality food in a clean and pleasant atmosphere, and the full service bar was a positive thing.  All the restaurants were very good – food quality, clean, service and atmosphere. 

The local guides provided good insight into the local historical and cultural aspects of the towns. They were exceptionally receptive to answering questions, entertaining, and knowledgeable of the historical and archaeological significance of Palenque.

The photo opportunities exceeded my expectations. Jim helped me improve my level of understanding of my camera and some of the basics of its tool box and the introduction to some of the critical aspect of light. The tour was worthwhile from a photographic learning and entertainment experience.  I captured some good images relative to my particular level of experience, plus Jim’s constructive input and this unique photographic experience will definitely help me in my future endeavors. I was very impressed by the creative and artistic abilities of the other participants, all of whom have benefited from their experiences with your previous tours.  The show and tell session prior to each dinner was beneficial and enhanced experience.  Every chance I get I would  recommend taking a Jim Cline Photo Tour!”
~Chap S.


“This was a great trip!   It was well organized: What was planned was accomplished!  I had a good experience at all restaurants and really loved the variety…I [also] loved the villages!  The local guides were wonderful and really connected with the group.  My main concern is to become a better photographer and Jim has certainly been helping with that!  My photography likely improved [evident by the fact] I’m taking fewer pictures but getting more good one.  This tour presents a wonderful opportunity to see an area that is often overlooked by travelers.   I only wish the trip had been longer.”
~Ann T.


“This is my second time traveling with you, and as before, I had a MARVELOUS time.  Your planning and execution of the itinerary is EXCELLENT.  Your knowledge of the area and the personal relationships with the people there truly make your trips exceptional.    It all adds up to a truly enjoyable travel and photographic experience.  Thus, I always highly recommend you to anyone with interest in the areas that you visit. I’ll look forward to traveling with you again at some point in time.  Thank you!”
~Rita F.