Testimonials Baja Gray Whales

“I have to say that I had the time of my life on the trip!  It has been my dream to see the whales and with Jim I got to actually touch these huge mammals right next to the boat and take incredible photographs of them. I have traveled to 52 foreign countries and this trip is at the top of my list. I highly recommend Jim’s tours and can’t wait to go on the next one. He is a true professional!”
~Jonathan C.


“This photo tour offers a fantastic opportunity to experience, touch, and photograph up-close, the majestic California Gray Whales. Jim Cline is the perfect Trip Leader—he’s knowledgeable, extremely well organized and attentive to every detail, but doesn’t obsess; laid back, but not lazy. He offers enough photographic advice to be helpful to everyone, amateurs and pros alike. Everything was very well planned, and I’d rate it a “5” [highest score]. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this or any other trip that Jim’s company offers.”
–Scott B.

“I just returned from the Baja Gray Whales tour which was totally AWESOME! If you ever wanted to pet whales, I highly suggest this trip. We went out 3 different days and petted whales all 3 days; they come right up to the boat. The trip featured loads of awesome desert scenery in addition to the whales. Now I have another gazillion nice photos to sort through!”
~Dorothy M., multiple-trip participant

“I believe this trip was just terrific. It offered perfect photo ops, the tour was expertly organized, always on schedule, had awesome/top-notch food, excellent hotel selections, a delightful set of photographers, etc. My favorite part and an unforgettable experience was seeing gray whales breaching & skyhops in Guererro Negro. As far as photos- my goal was to capture 3 “keepers” per day but ended up with an average of 10 per day. i.e. Exceeded my expectations by a mile. The photography discussions at dinner were super useful, and Jim was super helpful and super well organized. This tour is the best way to experience gray whales and Baja landscapes. I totally enjoyed every moment.”
~Murali N.


“I enjoyed an outstanding trip that was well-organized, provided wonderful photo opportunities with good leadership. A highlight for me was time with the whales & the great photography that flowed from the interaction. This is a tour that offers a good value for money and one that I highly recommend.”
~Errol B.


“I had a great time on this trip; Jim has so much enthusiasm for photography and the culture of Latin America. I really learned so much about photography, the culture of Baja – especially the grey whales and future possible trips. We really learn from each other and your tour was a good place to share ideas, concepts and just have a good time also. I will see you on future trips.”
~Dale D.


“I just had a wonderful time. The trip just could not have been better, and was so rich on many levels. I really expanded my technical knowledge, along with enjoyment of such incredible beauty. I just keep thinking of those magnificent mammals starring at us and as a bonus, the ospreys! The group was fun, and I enjoyed the humor, and also the passion for photography that everyone shared. The accommodations were clean and comfortable, and every meal was delicious. I especially loved the lion paw scallops in Guerrero Negro. Thanks again for going the extra mile for us, I know we all appreciated it.”
~Sharon A.


“Thanks for a truly amazing trip last month. This trip gave me an opportunity to relax, enjoy the adventure and concentrate on my photography. It was obvious Jim spent a lot of time traveling in Mexico and specifically in Baja. Catavina was without a doubt the most unique desert environment I’ve ever experienced. And to think they put such a great little hotel in the middle of it. I could have spent a week there as long as the film supply held out.  My trip highlight was our encounters with the Gray Whales. I found myself staring in amazement as those huge animals glided past our little boat. You made this trip an awesome adventure. Thank you! I will certainly be joining you again on another trip to Baja in the very near future!”
~Dan M.