Testimonials Angkor

“This workshop-tour opened up a whole lot of possibilities for me for which I am hugely grateful.  I have struggled about how to get motivated to shoot at home.  With the idea of doing stories and projects vs. random shots, suddenly the world feels like it is opening up (to various places where I live).   During the workshop, I learned all about having a coherent story, with a shot list, a beginning, middle and end, and the ability for the story to emerge and shift and change and the need for lots of variety is so focusing and expanding at the same time.  I know it sounds so simple, but it is a huge paradigm shift and I am very excited.  I would not have gotten here without this workshop.  I really didn’t know what to expect and was pretty naïve about what story telling would be about.  If that’s what someone was interested in I would unconditionally recommend this workshop.   I look forward to more trips with you guys in 2016.”
~Ivy G.


“Karl is a fantastic and great guy whom I respect, with a refreshing approach to travel photography. I have been on at least ten photo tours now and, opposite of some other tour companies and guides, Karl is totally focused on we participants.  Karl is always there (at shooting locations) for us, not his own shots.  Karl gives his time and is one of the best leaders in the business.

The other thing that is so good with Karl is his tour group communication is simply “Excellent” plus he makes everything a joy.  Before a location, he briefs the group on what to expect provides tips and pointers on the location, light and camera settings, answers questions, etc.  By the time the bus stops everybody is up and running then he guides those who want and seek his input.  I would love to do at least two more Jim Cline Photo Tours.”
~Peter I.


“At the risk of sucking up to Karl there are not enough superlatives to describe him! As well as being an outstanding photographer and always willing to listen and pass on his knowledge, he was caring, patient and organized. Even though he had the major responsibility for running the workshop he was unruffled (apparently) and was always ready to give of his time.

I very much appreciated the opportunity to dig beneath the surface of Cambodian life by telling the photo stories. I am now more aware of the need to give my photographs greater meaning and hopefully make better images. The friendships and relationships that developed with the other tour participants. The local guides were very good and attentive.  Overall I enjoyed the workshop and as mentioned earlier I thank you and the team for introducing me to the idea of telling photo stories. As a consequence my interest in photography has been rekindled.”
~Darrell M.


“The places we went to shoot were great – in all locations.  Karl was his typical awesome self –He reviewed some of my images at the end of the workshop – his review was tough but nonetheless very insightful and helpful – and appreciated. Gavin Rocks. Personally, he is a kick to be around. His review in Phnom Penh was insightful and very helpful – especially his Lightroom and editing advice. His classroom teaching style was also terrific – very open and interactive.  The classroom sessions were very valuable and definitely helped us to produce a better story.  Great Hotels also- I really loved the one in Battambang.”
~Lisa B.


“This trip offers excellent [value for the money] especially the immense knowledge of the four instructors.  Pre-trip preparation was very informative and thorough and the pace was fine, hectic, but manageable.  The hotels were great, especially FCC Angkor. Service was friendly and efficient wherever we went.  The locations were fantastic. The format of having two people work on one story in the first week, also gave us opportunity to explore different locations and interests.

Karl is the most professional, engaging and caring person I have met. His attention to detail is astounding. His knowledge of local conditions and his rapport with the locals opens a lot of doors, which would not have been possible on a self tour. He makes sure everyone is taken care of and is happy. He readily shares his photographic skills and is a wonderful traveling companion. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious and I cannot recommend him highly enough as a tour/workshop leader.

The local guide also added a special dimension to the workshop, the business, networking and branding side was very interesting. He was very accessible and spent quality time with anyone that requested it. He was particularly generous with helping me set up a website and blog, which was really great.  All local guides were excellent and very knowledgeable.

Siem Reap and the time spent with the monks [was one of my favorite parts of the trip]. I also loved getting to know everyone in the group. Everyone in the group had really special characteristics and I feel that I have made lasting friendships.”
~Ayne B.


“I couldn’t have asked for a better host (or instructor). Karl’s ability to react and adapt to the uncertain environment presented by a developing country was un-matched. His familiarity and ease with the Cambodian people and culture made all of our interactions and activities a real pleasure. I feel I learned a lot from Karl – not only technically, but on the approach and interaction with the people we were photographing. Most of my experience with people photography has been taking pictures of friends and family. It was wonderful being able to observe and learn from Karl during his interactions with the Cambodian people.”


“The Angkor workshop went above and beyond what I had hoped for. Karl is AMAZING… The amount that Karl has packed into such a brief time is about a 1/3 more than I would think possible, and I loved it. Every lecture, given the time constraints, was precise and understandable. The time we had for shooting, lectures and one-on-one critique was perfect. I have to give you a TON of credit, my photographs are so hugely improved after this workshop; like night and day. I still cannot thank you enough for putting together such an amazing Cambodia program.”