Jim Cline

Jim Cline, (founder and trip leader), is an award-winning cultural documentary and travel photographer. Jim is known for his willingness to shoot all around the edges of light, creating images with tremendous impact that capture the essence of a place or culture. He always strives to transcend ordinary travel pictures, and to convey a strong sense of place, and the spirit of the people in his photographs.

Jim’s wanderlust and search for compelling images has brought him to many less-traveled areas around the world. He takes particular interest in the indigenous peoples and traditional cultures of developing nations, and in documenting these disappearing cultures. Jim founded Jim Cline Photo Tours in 2002 and has been leading small-group photo tours to various locations around Latin America ever since. He has returned to some areas for decades, and he has established many multi-generational friendships with families still living their ancient traditional lifestyles.

As well as winning numerous awards, Jim’s work has been displayed in the San Diego Natural History Museum and the Museum of Photographic Arts, and in many galleries, both in the U.S. and abroad. Jim and his photographs have been featured in several books. His images have also been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, annual reports, tourist brochures, calendars, websites, and CD covers. Jim has also worked many photo assignments for humanitarian organizations. His images have graced the covers of annual reports and have appeared on websites, brochures, postcards and other mediums promoting their efforts around the globe.

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