Consistently ranked in the top ten “must see” destinations in the world, the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is truly unique. A cradle of Buddhism that clings to its traditional ways, the country only recently opened its doors to foreign travelers. Thoughtful policies to protect the nation against mass tourism still limit visits to a fortunate few. But this stunningly beautiful country isn’t trapped in the past. Red-robed monks check their cellphones. And the well-educated, fun-loving locals are both well-informed yet deeply protective of the pristine environment and their cultural heritage. This happy harmony of ancient and modern is what makes Bhutan such an endlessly fascinating Shangri-La.

Then there are the photography opportunities. The sublime mountain landscapes with snow-capped peaks soaring above emerald forests and chartreuse rice fields… The monasteries teeming with monks in crimson and yellow robes… The flutter of prayer flags and the blurring whirl of prayer wheels… And, of course, the riotous religious festivals for which Bhutan is famous

We are currently planning to offer our trip in 2022 to coincide with the Thamshing Phala Phoepa festival, in Bumtang, and the Gangtey Tshecho festival in Gangtey.

The trip will be led by acclaimed National Geographic photographer, author, and expedition leader Christopher P. Baker, the Lowell Thomas Award 2008 ‘Travel Journalist of the Year.’ Christopher’s images and self-illustrated articles have appeared in hundreds of magazines, from BBC, CNN and Newsweek to National Geographic, National Wildlife and Penthouse; as well as scores of calendars, brochures, coffee-table books and travel guidebooks. His work for National Geographic, not least, includes photographing the National Geographic Traveler Colombia and National Geographic Traveler Costa Rica guidebooks on assignment. Chris’ profession as a full-time travel journalist informs his work, which is also represented by Getty Images. His archive of images and travel experiences spans the world, from India, Sudan and Nepal to Morocco, Micronesia and the Marquesas Islands. Plus, Chris has led more than 100 tours to destinations from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Cuba to Great Britain, Korea, Mozambique, and Oman, including photo tours for Jim Cline Photo Tours, Lumaria Workshops, National Geographic Expeditions, Santa Fe Photo Workshops, and UnCruise Adventures.