Testimonials – Cuba – Christopher P. Baker

This Jim Cline tour was very professional and a well-run experience.  My favorite part of the trip was (trip leader) Chris Baker; I would go on any trip he is leading. He was way above our expectations. He has vast knowledge of Cuba and was able to communicate clearly and in a warm and entertaining way. As a leader (and photo pro), he really improved my eye for a good shot. Always had good advice and didn’t overwhelm with technicalities. By the end of the trip we considered him a good friend.  The photo opps during this tour were really great and allowed us to really get a feel for the Cuban people and how they live. We were given the chance every day to meet and interact with local Cubans.”  –-Reno D.

“The trip was a fabulous integration of photography and the Cuban culture. Chris (tour leader) was great and made photography, history and current events fascinating. He took me from non-photographer status, i.e. point and shoot only…to fanatical photographic virtuoso. Plus he truly had a love for the locals and treated them with compassion and respect. I would recommend this trip to anyone, especially if they have not been to Cuba. Being introduced to Cuba through the eyes and camera of Christopher Baker was inspirational. His vast knowledge of the local communities and his keen photographic eye merged to present an unforgettable look at our neighbors who are so close geographically yet so culturally unique.”  –Paula Z.

I was extremely pleased with this trip to Cuba. It was well planned and executed and we were provided with an incredible number and variety of photo opportunities. Chris…you are an extraordinary guide. You created so many marvelous photo ops with your ability to work with people. And I so appreciate all of the photography advice you gave me. I learned so much on this trip. Your knowledge of Cuba and your willingness to share it was remarkable. I returned home with a new appreciation of Cuba and especially the Cuban people. I believe that Jim Cline Photo is an ethical and well-run company and I look forward to traveling with you in the near future. ~Jeanne L.

Thank you all for making the trip to Cuba so enjoyable. This was my first trip with an organized group, and it couldn’t have been a better experience. I’m also thankful for all the advice on how to improve my photography and suggestions about how to get involved with different photography groups. Chris, you are a one of a kind :). Really enjoyed you as a photographer, a guide, and of course as a fabulous storyteller. You have so much Cuban knowledge. Also, loved your positive energy. ~Åsa McKenzie

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