Get ready to be enchanted by the captivating beauty and rich traditions of Bali and Sumba. Our itinerary has been carefully crafted to take you on a 10-day adventure that will immerse you in two of the most awe-inspiring (yet completely different) rituals of these islands: the Melasti and the Pasola. Additionally, we will explore authentic markets, villages, and celebrations, and get unique and intimate access to locations where you will meet the people involved in these rituals. With our local teams guiding you every step of the way, you will have a unique opportunity to witness these ancient rituals up close and personal.

The Melasti is a sacred cleansing ceremony that takes place on Bali’s stunning beaches, where locals gather to purify themselves and offer prayers to the gods.

In Sumba, you will experience the Pasola, a thrilling ritual that involves ancient horseback battles and games between rival clans. The Pasola is a celebration of courage, strength, and tradition, and it will leave you breathless with its intensity and beauty. Get your high-speed-shooting or slow-motion cameras ready.

As you explore these magical lands, you will be transported to a world of vivid colors, exotic food, and soulful music.

The local team as well as your tour leader Patrick Firouzian will lead you on a journey that will be both insightful and inspiring. Local photography and anthropology experts will share the meaning of these rituals so you not only get beautiful images, but also learn about the history and tradition behind them. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise will ensure that you leave with a deeper understanding of the region’s people, traditions, and the region’s beauty, and our time together as a group will leave you with a stronger foundation in the art of photography.


Although we have scouted this trip multiple times and chosen accommodations and transport, this will be the first trip with guests in a region where we sometimes have to improvise on the itinerary, mostly because of ritual scheduling.

We will be walking on sand, often under the sun, and navigating complex rituals where we need to be inconspicuous, quick, and unobtrusive. We therefore require you to be nimble, have good command of the camera, and comfortability approaching people and crowds.



Day 1 (Mar 6):
Arrival in Denpasar, Bali’s international airport.
Pickup and transport to our lodging for orientation and dinner.
Overnight in Ubud.

Day 2 (Mar 7):
Morning Melasti.
Fire Horse Dance.
Overnight in Ubud.

Day 3 (Mar 8):
Morning Melasti.
Afternoon Melasti.
Overnight in Ubud.

Day 4 (Mar 9):
Morning Melasti.
Visit Tenganan Village.
Overnight in Karangasem.

Day 5 (Mar 10):
Usaba Dodol in Karangasem.
Lukat Geni in Klungkung.
Overnight in Karangasem.

Day 6 (Mar 11):
Silence Day in Nyepi.
Photo discussion & group photo review.
Overnight in Karangasem.

Day 7 (Mar 12):
Morning at your leisure.
Afternoon flight to Sumba.
Portrait shoot with the people of the village.
Overnight in West Sumba.

Day 8 (Mar 13):
Pasola Rite preparation.
Pasola Training.
Overnight in West Sumba.

Day 9 (Mar 14):
Nyale Rite.
Morning & afternoon Pasola.
Overnight in West Sumba.

Day 10 (Mar 15):
Morning market in Sumba.
Visit to Ancient Village.
Overnight in West Sumba.

Day 11 (Mar 16):
We’ll fly as a group to Bali.
Sacred Legong.
Overnight in Ubud.

Day 12 (Mar 17):
Today the trip officially finishes – you can continue to experience the beauty of Bali (through a nice hotel and spa) or return home (airport drop-off).